Recon-Goggles-Snow-2-Gear-Patrol Recon Instruments Snow2 HUD
Used to be you tied some flat sticks to your feet and slid down a mountain, desperately avoiding trees. These days, kids — with their gadgets and gizmos and rap music — get all the thrill of skiing and then some. Snow2 is a small HUD unit that fits inside the bottom right part of many popular ski goggles and displays all kinds of data: performance numbers (speed, air time, altitude and more), media from third-party cameras and everything your smartphone cares to share. A dual core CPU runs the show, while Bluetooth, wi-fi and GPS keep you connected and informed. A waterproof wrist remote makes for easy device control and navigation of menus. The Recon Engage app tracks your entire ski trip, integrating info from your HUD, and developers are free to wire in additional possibilities down the road. $399
Jack-Daniels-Sinatra-Select-Gear-Patrol Jack Daniels Sinatra Select
Ol’ Blue Eyes was quite the guy — full of character, fantastically entertaining and frequently a bit sauced. Today would’ve been his birthday, so how fitting Jack Daniels release a special run named for Frank himself. Grooves in the oak barrels allow the whiskey extra exposure while aging, which translates to richer flavor and deeper color. Salud.
BMW-M3-and-M4-Gear-Patrol BMW M3 Sedan and M4 Coupe
The big news behind BMW’s release of the all-new M3 and M4 is the twin turbocharged 3-liter inline-six beneath their hoods. The units are lighter than the previous generation’s V8, slightly more powerful (at 425 horsepower rather than 420) and feature a broader power band; torque, at 406 lb-ft, surpasses the outgoing motor by more than a third. The engine sips less fuel by a quarter than the V8 too, all while launching the cars to 60 mph in about four seconds. Six-speed manual transmissions with an automatic throttle blip feature are standard (all glory, laud and honor), and a seven-speed dual clutch setup is an option. Looks have changed too: aggressive aero pieces surround the body, and inside there is plenty of M-specific sporting kit.
Red-Wing-Heritage-9022-9023-Boot-Gear-Patrol Red Wing Heritage 9022/9023
Nobody likes classic vintage Americana like…the Japanese. For years, the Land of the Rising Sun has been the only place to buy the Red Wing Heritage 9022 and 9023 boots, despite their humble origins in Minnesota. Well, now those classic leather kicks are available stateside, as they should be. Konichiwa, don’cha know. $365
Logitech-Powershell-+-Battery-iPhone-Controller-Gear-Patrol Logitech Powershell + Battery iPhone Controller
With its fantastic touchscreen interface, the iPhone revolutionized the way we interact with mobile devices. Now you can utilize the screen as a single-purpose, well, screen: attach Logitech’s gadget to your phone and, voila, you’ve got a handheld gaming system. As we know from some of our favorite console controllers, large buttons make mobile gaming easy. The 1500mAh battery packs a great deal of extra power (for those bonus levels) and the controller plays nicely with many iOS 7 games. Additionally, the controller is slim and unobtrusive, so you have complete access to phone controls, and a headphone adapter makes you less annoying on public transportation. $100