Primer Last week, Art Basel wrapped up in Miami. Couldn’t make it down? Here’s a summary of what you missed.
Star Power What other event could attract the likes of Kanye, Kim, Leo, Diddy, Koons Calder, Miro and Basquiat?
Girl Power Apparently, there are graffiti artists other than Banksy…and some of them are women. Jeffrey Deitch, the curator at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, returns to co-curate Women on the Walls, a display of women’s graffiti art.
The Clearest Medium Because glass as a medium, like, reflects the human struggle to achieve sexual independence, but also absorbs the soul’s energy to showcase the sexual experience, you know?
Of Course It’s Art Any place that attracts personalities as interesting as the ones at Basel is sure to attract some strange art…and Art Basel 2013 didn’t disappoint. That being said, neither did Art Basel Miami Beach 2012.
Nick Graham’s Take “Like a giant squid, Art Basel extends its inky tentacles of commercialism and throbbing trendiness over 6 days into what seems the wonderful madness of everything that is happening NOW — not just in the Art world, but also in Furniture, Cooking, Fashion, Architecture and any other lifestyle industry that isn’t bolted down.” More here.
The Art Forger The Perez Art Museum Miami opened just in time for Art Basel Miami. And then Jorge Perez, namesake of the museum, learned that a Carlos Alfonzo piece he just donated to Florida International University might be fake.
The Hova Lisa An estimation of the worth of Jay-Z’s art collection, pieces of which came from everyone’s favorite show: Art Basel Miami Beach.
What Drives Jeff Koons? In November, Jeff Koons set the “World Auction Record for a Living Artist”, and he came to play (er, drive) in Miami.