Be a stylish song reader

Beck x Warby Parker Carmichael Glasses


Music is a language everyone can appreciate, a language many of us can understand aurally — and a language only some of us can read. In any form, music is powerful; it has the capacity to inform and motivate, to unify and divide, to inspire both awe and tears. Because it’s most accessible to the population in its aural form — that’d be the CDs or MP3s you purchase (okay, vinyl too, hipsters) — artists generally (always) release their music in a format that can be heard. Beck isn’t a typical artist. Sure, he’s got an abnormally varied mix of genres and styles under his belt that gives him a unique leg up on other recording artists, but it’s more than that. Case in point, his latest 20-song album, Song Reader, was, in a clever/strange/excellent twist, released unrecorded, in sheet music form.

And so a unique musical release begets another unique release from a company who is equally versatile and accessible in their wares as Beck is with his music. Warby Parker (they of remarkably affordable and stylish eyeglass/prescription lens combinations) has collaborated with the man himself (he of personal style that is as notable as the music he writes) to offer a line of eyewear — dubbed the Carmichael — to ensure those music types among us who suffer from unfortunate vision can read the songs from Song Reader‘s sheet music release, and to make sure music fans (well, anyone, really) can enjoy strutting around with limited-edition specs perched atop their noses.

These first frames are available in a tortoise shell pattern called Root Beer and a crystal clear style called, appropriately enough, Crystal. Both are available as sunglasses, their mostly rounded lens frame and keyhole nose bridge distinct as can be. The Carmichael is out now, and more from the collection is due to hit the online store and showroom early next year, so don’t be a Loser (we couldn’t resist) — check ’em out.