Sound-Matters-Dash7-Flat-Soundbar-Gear-Patrol Soundmatters Foxl Dash7 Sound Bar
We’re not quite sure how it’s possible for electronics manufacturers to continue reducing the size of gadgets. At 7.5 inches long and 0.75 inches thick, this Bluetooth speaker isn’t much larger than your smartphone, but packs a serious punch all the same. Twoofers — tweeters/woofers — work alongside a Bass Battery, which boosts run time to 12 hours and doubles as a woofer too. Sound canceling tech means you can use the thing as a conference call machine. It’s as slim as it is capable, and it’ll look just as good on your desk as it will in your shirt pocket. $219
iPro-Lens-Gear-Patrol iPro Lens System
Using your iPhone to take shots of your breakfast or make short films is great and all, but it’ll always produce the same iPhone look. Unless you add a lens. The iPro trio kit features a macro, wide and 2x tele lens that attach to an included iPhone case. When not in use the lenses screw into each other to form a grip for the camera itself and also function as a mount for a tripod. Pocket cinematographers, rejoice.
DSPTCH-Black-Camo-Sling-Strap-Gear-Patrol DSPTCH Black Camo Strap
The strap isn’t new; it’s the same 1-inch webbing and tough plastic bits, all made in the USA and of the highest quality. Only now it’s harder to see. Yes, DSPTCH’s latest offering comes in a camo colorway that’ll look dashing about your neck. Just don’t start imagining you’re a war correspondent. $44
Copenhagen-Wheel-Gear-Patrol Copenhagen Wheel
Designed and engineered by smarties from MIT, the Copenhagen Wheel is a simple replacement for your bike’s rear roller. The motor automatically monitors your pedaling habits and kicks in when you need it most, delivering 3-10 times as much power as you normally would with your spindly little legs. There’s an app, naturally, that customizes your ride and collects data about your excursions, and the wheel looks killer. $699
SCHOFIELD-EDC-TORCH-Gear-Patrol Schofield EDC Torch
Not only is this little guy crafted from one of the strongest forms of aluminum available, it’ll also throw 500 lumens of light 70 meters. There are two other, less powerful modes and an SOS strobe function, should you try to measure a distance of 70 meters and fall off a cliff or something. $360 ()