Drop-dead Drop-ins

Way of Life

For a genre that was probably started by someone with a Handycam saying “I bet you can’t do that”, outdoor action films tend to have incredible cinematography. Teton Gravity Research has been a long-time player in the action-sports film game, and it absolutely shows in the trailer for the latest film “Way of Life”, which was released this fall.

Though the skiing in the movie from the likes of Sage Cattabriga-Alosa, Tim Durtschi and Sammy Carlson among others is absolutely jaw-dropping, the tech behind the film is equally impressive. The film was shot entirely in 4K using a combination of Red Cinema and Sony Action Cams, but some of the most impressive shots come courtesy of a company called GSS or Gyro Stabilized Systems. They make several gyroscope-stabilized, remote controlled camera housings that attach to the nose of a helicopter, can swivel a full 360 degrees and weigh somewhere between 65 and 95 pounds. Before GSS, production companies couldn’t travel abroad with these systems because of International Arms Trafficking (ITAR) laws; the company managed to circumvent those laws, allowing the Teton Gravity Research crew to capture amazing footage not just in the U.S. but also abroad in locales like Austria and British Columbia. We can type and type, but the real beauty of this film can’t be described in text, so check out the trailer above — and make sure to dream about just how much cooler a copter-mounted gimbal cam would make your wimpy bunny hill runs.