Octovo-Limited-Edition-Titanium-Comb-Gear-Patrol Octovo Limited Edition Ti Comb
If your hair is thick and luxurious enough to warrant a machined titanium comb, good on ya. This handsome guy is finished with black titanium nitride and comes with a custom leather carrying case. You know, to protect the practically indestructible comb inside. $149
VERTEX-WITH-WEATHERSHIELD-3-season-hammock-Gear-Patrol Vertex Three Season Winterizable Hammock
For those times when you’d like to experience outdoor, above-ground sleeping quarters with another person but don’t want to be all that close, this two-body hammock is just right. You and yours (and some gear) can hang out in this contraption all year round, provided you also pick up some winterizing liners to zip in as well. Lest you be kept in suspense, note that bearable weight maxes out at 700 pounds, so watch those second servings this season. $599
Daft-Punk-Deluxe-Box-Set-Gear-Patrol Daft Punk Random Access Memories Box Set
The Daft Punk fellas are two strange hommes. Oddity and aura (read: appeal) notwithstanding, their latest album is an undeniable killer of all things airwave. Random Access Memories is a decidedly 1970s-style sendup, replete with synthesized sounds and concept music, all modernized by current vocalists and present-day beats. This deluxe box set includes special vinyl editions of the music, photo essays, schematics of the famous helmets, five frames of the actual film dailies used to produce the Lose Yourself To Dance music video, and a gold-plated USB drive with the original music files, a bonus track and hi-def videos. $275
ICON-Auto-Art-Gear-Patrol ICON Auto Art
After scrutinizing historic photos of cars like the 1920 Bugatti Type 13, 1952 Mercedes SLR and 1962 Porsche 356B, Icon founder Jonathan Ward draws each of these artful designs, which are then silk screened and anodized. This fuses black pigment into 1/2-inch-thick brushed aluminum panels. A limited production run of panels will be produced, as will much more affordable thick stock paper versions. $75+