Dickle-Gear-Patrol George Dickel No. 1 Foundation Recipe
This whiskey has been George Dickel’s mainstay swill for 140 years running: the recipe is practically ancient, but the white whiskey is un-aged. It is, however, mellowed with charcoal to maintain a sweet corn flavor. One way to guarantee a white Christmas, eh? $22
Republique-Gear-Patrol République
Just released for iOS7 platforms, République is an action horror game that will be available for Windows and OS X early next year. Players control surveillance cameras and hack computer systems to follow and aid in the escape of the game’s protagonist, Hope. She’s trying to thwart a totalitarian government entity that’s held her captive, and the thing looks pretty chilling overall. Good practice for evading the in-laws. $5
American-Giant-Men's-Heavyweight-Sweatpants-Gear-Patrol American Giant Sweatpants
American Giant has re-envisioned their original sweats with better details while maintaining the high-quality essence of the originals. These are classic sweatpants — the kind you’d throw on to actually work out. Like their other products, AG’s sweats have the best hardware, reinforced seams, ultra-durable materials and are made with extreme care. The last sweatpants you’ll ever own. $69
Qvivo-Gear-Patrol Qvivo Free
The excellent cloud media hosting service Qvivo has changed its pricing right in time for the holidays: now anyone can sign up and take advantage of unlimited cloud storage for life and up to five hours of content streaming for free each month. Forget about syncing movies, music and TV shows between computers and devices. Just upload your files to Qvivo and never worry about access again. qvivo.com
Lamborghini-Huracan-Gear-Patrol Lamborghini Huracán
Your Gallardo successor has arrived. The Huracán (ooh-re-cahn), which bows early next year, will be stepping up to the Ferrari 458/McLaren 12C plate with a 5.2-liter V10 that churns a tick over 600 horsepower and rips from 0-60 in just over 3 seconds. Of course there’s all-wheel-drive, but the previous Lambo’s automated manual transmission will be replaced by a dual-clutch job called Lamborghini Doppia Frizione and the majority of its structure will be a combination of carbon and aluminum. Keeping with tradition, Lamborghini has named this sucker after a famous fighting bull, this one from the late 1800s. We can’t wait to take it by the horns… lamborghini.com