When we introduced Today in Gear last year — or “TIG”, as we refer to it internally — we set out to create a daily digest of the latest in gear-related news to accompany our broader, deeper full length stories and features.

The TIG oeuvre is still about the latest and coolest in cars, clothes, booze, bikes, tech and more, but it’s also a tidy inventory of the superabundance of products and news thrust upon us everyday. At its core, TIG is much of GP’s philosophy condensed into a handful of items: all of high quality, all authentic, each diverse. We attend events, meet with brand representatives and cull a massive trove of news in order to craft each day’s entry. The entries are comprised of groundbreakers, instant-classics, irreverent, and admittedly some head-scratchers but in total they are also a make-up of the trends we see in gear (#handcrafted, #wearable, #italy, #notakickstarter).

This week we’re looking back on the many months of Today in Gear and spotlighting our favorites — a “This Year In Gear” of sorts. Each day will feature TIG items from our backlog that coincide with the day’s now commonplace issue: Monday: Octane, Tuesday: Timekeeping, Wednesday: Tech/Science, Thursday: Limits and Friday: Culture.

* * *

Call us crazy for being NYC-based car guys, but it’s the rough life we lead. Sure, we’re mostly on foot day in and out, but our fingers remain unfailingly on the pulse of the automotive world. These are the best, the most noteworthy — our favorite — vehicle-related items to be announced this year.

Equus-Bass-770-Gear-Patrol Equus Automotive Bass 770
Say what you will about urban decay, but there’s still a lot of beauty left in Detroit. Case in point: this stunning piece of automotive sculpture. If an aluminum frame and carbon-fiber-lined body, 640-horsepower supercharged V8 and high-performance everything else aren’t enough to entice you, just look at it. It’s a ’60s and ’70s throwback with a purely modern touch. With design cues from all the major muscle car players of yesteryear and performance on par with uncompromising GTs of today, it does just about everything right. $250,000+
Classified-Moto-Honda-CB-SuperStrada-Gear-Patrol Classified Moto Honda CB “SuperStrada”
This custom job by Classified Moto involved a donor 1980 Honda CB750F Super Sport, a front end from a Yamaha YZF-R6 sportbike, some nice Ducati bits and more than two years of work. The result? A jaw-dropping dream on two wheels. classifiedmoto.com
Cars-for-the-Cure-Gear-Patrol Cars For A Cure Apparel
Founder Mason Watson has sketched cars his whole life, so when his mother’s life was cut short by cancer in 2008, he decided to fight back with what he knew. 20% of each sale of his auto-related, retro-esque shirts goes to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Cancer sucks. These shirts do not. $30
Saker-S-1-Personal-Jet-Gear-Patrol Saker S-1 Personal Jet
It’s a pain to always have to fly on a commercial airliner — the things are so damn slow, and you have to put your toiletries in plastic baggies. Ugh. If you’ve got a two-seater military-style jet, however, you can lunch in New York and take an afternoon meeting in LA, leaving sonic booms in your wake the whole way there. A top speed of Mach 0.99 means you can smoke just about any other commuter. All you’ll need to get one (when it comes out in 2019) will be $5-$7 million. sakeraircraft.com
Jaguar-Project-7-Concept-Car-gear-patrol-tig Jaguar Project 7 Concept Car
Jaguar’s new F-Type has been a roadgoing sensation as of late, striking chords with the automobile literati and enthusiasts alike. The crafters from Coventry have released a one-off, all-aluminum racer based on the F-type that pays homage to their late 50s LeMans champ, the D-Type, with a blue paint scheme and a gorgeous racing fairing behind the driver’s head. Replete with carbon fiber trim and aero details, this is a single-seater with only a helmet (custom, obviously) resting where a passenger seat would be, a lowered windscreen, lowered ride height, and an eight-speed transmission paired to a 550-horsepower V8. jaguar.com
Seize-sur-Vingt-THDR-Lime-Rock-Park-ALMS-Gear-Patrol Seize sur Vingt THDR Lime Rock Park ALMS
Our two biggest complaints about other drivers are (a) that they drive too slowly on the left and (b) they’re never dressed well enough. Seize sur Vingt’s new well-tailored driving shirt, replete with gear holsters, changes (half of) that. A loop to hold sunglasses rests above the regular chest pocket, and a smartphone pocket is located on the lower left, completed by a button flap to keep everything in place. On the right shoulder, an ALMS embroidery logo pays homage to the series and to Lime Rock Park — and it’s in orange just like another LRP special edition we’re fond of. $180
Caterham-Aeroseven-Concept-Gear-Patrol Caterham Aeroseven Concept
For fans of traditional balls-out driving experiences there isn’t a much better outlet than Caterham cars. While Caterham’s styling and principles haven’t changed much over the decades, this concept is a sign of things to come. Developed in tandem with the Caterham F1 team, the swoopy carbon fiber sprite will feature a 237-horsepower engine and a six-speed stick driving the rear wheels. It’s also the first vehicle in Caterham’s history to feature traction and launch control, which should translate to less frisky behavior and faster drag races. It’s due out in the UK next autumn. uk.caterhamcars.com
ural-gaucho-gear-patrol Ural x Pendleton Woolen Mills Gaucho Rambler
Gauchos — cowboys to the rest of you — weren’t all rootin’ tootin’ and shootin’ as depicted in your favorite Westerns (no disrespect to Clint et al.). Cowboys were men who worked prairies and fields, herding cattle. They explored, slept under the stars; they rambled. Ural paired with Pendleton to produce this unique, limited-edition 2WD cycle/sidecar. That color is Pacific Blue, the blanket is a Pendleton “Journey West”. The canvas upholstery should conjure visions of the untamed frontier. It’s made to explore, to pioneer, and to look damn good all the while. $14,350
union-garage-robinson-jacket-gear-patrol Union Garage Robinson Jacket
Handmade American craftsmanship and adjustable, removable D30 protective armor inserts vault this classic, British-style waxed canvas motorcycle jacket into instant gotta-have-it territory. Cut and sewn with the help of Massachusetts’ own Vanson Leathers, the jacket features leather trim inside its 10.10-ounce Martexin waxed canvas shell, which keeps you comfy, warm and safe. The red plaid lining, seven pockets (including a pass-through rabbit pocket out back) and other details make this a jacket that’s as functional as it is fashionable. $699
GHE-O-Motors-Rescue-SUV-Gear-Patrol GHE-O Motors Rescue SUV
If Batman joined Robin Hood in Sherwood Forest for a time-travel mashup of exacting justice, this is what he’d drive. Judging by videos of this thing in action, there’s almost nothing it can’t do. Add buoyancy pillows for floating across rivers or the rear tracks for scooting around snowy terrain, and the “stock” version seems even more unbeatable. It’ll tow a sled of people or unstick a stuck Hummer. And it looks like something from the Devil’s back garage, so it’s also perfect (and timely) for Halloween. ghe-o.com