We picked a good year to formally launch Gear Patrol’s Timekeeping series. 2013 saw the triumphant return to our shores of the poor man’s Rolex, the meteoric rise of a brand from a bankrupt American city and the 50th anniversary of two motorsports chronographs. Easy fodder for sure. But we didn’t stop there. Along the way, we sailed with two America’s Cup teams, tested some badass watches underwater and in the mountains, learned how to rebuild a pocketwatch and strapped on dozens of incredible timepieces from England, Germany, the U.S., Switzerland, and even Iceland, all in the name of finding the coolest watches on the planet. Oh, and then we picked our ten favorite timepieces for the first annual GP100 awards.


We’ve never strived to make Timekeeping the place for breaking watch news or regurgitated press releases, nor do we limit ourselves to talking about the most prestigious brands. We prefer to cover the horological world that appeals to us — watches as gear for life’s adventures, whether they be rough or genteel. 2013 was the year we rolled out this new vision, and we’re on to something.

But don’t think we’re done; we’ve just gotten started. Before tax day we’ll be going to Geneva and Basel for the big watch shows, to Russia to time the Olympics and somewhere warm to compare Japan’s best dive watches. But for now, we’re taking a much needed break for the holidays before coming back strong, wound up and ready for action. In the meantime, here are our favorite articles from Timekeeping 2013.