Pushing oneself doesn’t necessarily mean summiting a mountain, running a triathlon or catching a winning touchdown at a Bowl game. Sometimes it can mean outfitting yourself properly — going the extra mile to ensure you’ve got proper gear for your adventures, your exercise or simply for your daily routine. These are our favorite items from our Limits Thursdays — sports stuff, apparel, camping gear and more — that give us something to strive for. Cheerleaders also help.

Raphaand-Raeburn-Gear-Patrol Rapha & Braeburn Cycling Apparel
Designer Christopher Raeburn and his brother Graeme’s three-piece spring line for cycling apparel king Rapha is well tailored and modern to a T. The lightweight shell jacket, merino henley and cycle-centric jeans are England-made and look sharp anywhere. rapha.cc ()
Nemo-Rythm-40-Sleeping-Bag-gear-patrol Nemo Rythm 40 Sleeping Bag
If you’re sick of feeling like you’ve been cocooned in your sleeping bag, check out the new “Spoon” design from Nemo Equipment. Extra space at the shoulders and footboxs allow you to move more comfortably. Side-sleeping outdoorsmen, rejoice. $230
Blue-Claw-Table-Tennis-Paddle-Cases-gear-patrol-tig Blue Claw Table Tennis Paddle Cases
These American-made canvas and leather ping pong holsters sport some eye-catching hues in the hopes that your nattiness can out-pong perhaps even Forrest Gump’s ping. They’ll keep your paddles safe and clean, and there’s even a attached sack for your balls. $35
One-Wipe-Charlies-Gear-Patrol Dollar Shave Club One Wipe Charlies
If you haven’t yet seen the promo video for these, you might not know how to Internet. The goofs at DSC have added these “gently scented” crap products to their lineup, and they’re for exactly what you think. (They’re for your butt.) $4
Recon-Goggles-Snow-2-Gear-Patrol Recon Instruments Snow2 HUD
Used to be you tied some flat sticks to your feet and slid down a mountain, desperately avoiding trees. These days, kids — with their gadgets and gizmos and rap music — get all the thrill of skiing and then some. Snow2 is a small HUD unit that fits inside the bottom right part of many popular ski goggles and displays all kinds of data: performance numbers (speed, air time, altitude and more), media from third-party cameras and everything your smartphone cares to share. A dual core CPU runs the show, while Bluetooth, wi-fi and GPS keep you connected and informed. A waterproof wrist remote makes for easy device control and navigation of menus. The Recon Engage app tracks your entire ski trip, integrating info from your HUD, and developers are free to wire in additional possibilities down the road. $399
Fiik-Electric-Skateboards-Gear-Patrol Fiik Electric Skateboards
If you haven’t outgrown racing RC cars and have always dreamed of surfing on land — and you’re in the USA — your fantasies are now realized. Fiik, the Australian wirelessly controlled electric skateboard company, is bringing their products to the States so we Yanks can carve up all types of terra firma, from pavement to off road and all points between. fiikelectricskateboards.com
MISSION-EnduraCool-Instant-Cooling-Towel-Gear-Patrol MISSION EnduraCool Instant Cooling Towel
When Serena Williams and Dwight Howard get together, the result is bound to be cool. Along with others, the two pro athletes founded Mission, a line of athlete-centric products. The company’s new towel uses science to control evaporation and keep the fabric cool to the touch for up to two hours at a time. There are no chemicals, it’s entirely washable and reusable and it even protects against UV rays. $12+ ()
12-Minute-Athlete-Gear-Patrol 12 Minute Athlete App
We like HIIT workouts around here — they’re quick, effective and energizing. If you lack discipline, however, it can be tough to follow a workout routine of any kind. 12 Minute Athlete allows you to select one of over 185 HIIT workouts, times you and provides video examples of each of the over 35 exercises. If you want results, this is a great place to start. $2.99 ()
Copenhagen-Wheel-Gear-Patrol Copenhagen Wheel
Designed and engineered by smarties from MIT, the Copenhagen Wheel is a simple replacement for your bike’s rear roller. The motor automatically monitors your pedaling habits and kicks in when you need it most, delivering 3-10 times as much power as you normally would with your spindly little legs. There’s an app, naturally, that customizes your ride and collects data about your excursions, and the wheel looks killer. $699
Caterham-Bike-Division-Gear-Patrol Caterham Bike Division
Caterham just announced they’ll produce a line of bikes in 2014, but Caterham being Caterham, these will be a lot less “beach cruiser” and much more “antichrist”. The Classic E-Bike is a retro-styled Speed-Racer-Meets-TRON affair with a claimed 25-50 mile range; the Carbon E-Bike is a more wicked battery-driven machine, with looks styled after Caterham’s F1 cars and possibly mutant hornets. But the Brutus 750 is where things go beam-us-to-the-mothership-pleeeeaaaase crazy: wheels and tires that wouldn’t look wrong on a futuristic Humvee, a hardcore, motorcycle-like body, on- and off-road capability — Caterham actually refers to the thing as a “two-wheel SUV” — and an available DIY snowmobile conversion kit. Now all we need is a Batcave. caterhamcars.com ()