“Everything else” and “Miscellany” don’t sound nearly as charming or interesting as “Culture”, do they? But that’s not the only reason we’ve so named our Friday issues. Outside of the narrower focuses of other weekdays, Fridays are our time to explore a more relaxed view of what’s happening around us — and rightly so, what with the weekend right around the corner. Culture Fridays offer an opportunity to dabble in the Zeitgeist and introduce our readers to special interest stories, links to the far corners of the web and more. So herein are our favorite items that the cultured and the culture-curious among us will enjoy, ranging from art, food, media and beyond. These write ups also tend to have extra puns here and there. Sorry. (Not sorry.)

Chef-Day-Gear-Patrol Chefday
Choose one of the gourmet chef-designed recipes on Chefday’s website and every last organic, almost entirely locally sourced ingredient — from salt to tenderloins — will be hand-delivered to your door, pre-measured and pre-washed. All you have to do is follow the step-by-step video instructions and set the table. It’s an ultra easy way to bring the magic of a professional kitchen into your own home (as long as you live in NYC). Date night? Dunzo. $30
4-Moms-Origami-Stroller-gear-patrol-tig 4Moms Origami Stroller
Daytime running and pathway lights and an LCD dash that tracks distance traveled, temperature and more… in a stroller? The Origami’s in-hub generators power all the gadgetry and even charge your cell phone — but the best trick is the power-folding mechanism, which reduces the whole rig to rolling-suitcase size at the push of a button. That’s worth an emasculating brand name, dad. $850
Umbra-iSpoon-Kitchen-Stylus-Gear-Patrol iSpoon Kitchen Stylus
So you’re stirring the artisanal pancake recipe you got from your vegan bike mechanic when suddenly you need to pause your iPad-controlled turntable and answer a call from your holistic reiki guru. You can’t swipe the screen with your buckwheat-goop-covered fingers, so you use a wooden spoon that doubles as an iPad stylus. Yuppie hipster nirvana: achieved. $7
Custom-Map-Wallpaper-Gear-Patrol Wallpapered Map Wallpaper
Whether you’re an architect, a chic startup or just want your den to look like the Pentagon War Room, there are few more important design touches you need consider than a wall size map. Choose your own ‘hood, a favorite city or get all wall-to-ceiling with your stalking hobby. Just enter a zip code, request a quote and order your wallpaper print in any color combination you can dream up. wallpapered.com
Borough-Furnace-Cast-Iron-Skillets-gear-patrol-tig Borough Furnace Cast Iron Skillets
Since its Kickstarter genesis two years ago, this Syracuse-based, eco-friendly workshop has been continually run by two cousins who make all their products by hand. Their furnaces burn vegetable oil, and only recycled iron is used in the castings. Just a few of these flax-seed-oil-seasoned, nine-inch skillets are made each day, which means when they sell out they sell out. The site is refreshed each Tuesday with the previous week’s output, however, so check back often for more — and get ’em while they’re hot (they’re cooled off for shipping). $280
RedCamper-Greeting-Cards-Gear-Patrol RedCamper U.S. HWY 89 Greeting Cards
You won’t find greeting cards like this at your local Hallmark store. Their images are from very real, very original photos paired with — shall we say — irreverent messages (like mentions of poop and “hidden drag queens”). There are birthday cards, mother’s day cards and some for every other occasion your unique little heart desires. $2+ ()
The-Beach-Boys-Made-in-California-Gear-Patrol The Beach Boys “Made in California” Box Set
Do you wanna dance? Wouldn’t it be nice to have fun, fun, fun in your room all summer long? Well, you can hear music — to the tune of 60 previously unreleased original songs, demos, live recordings and more. God only knows you get around, but be true to your school — the one that taught you to love California girls and little Deuce Coupes — and to the good vibrations of this yearbook-themed Beach Boys box set. thebeachboys.com ()
Oblivion-Blu-Ray-Gear-Patrol-Final Oblivion On Blu Ray
Bad news: Earth has been ravaged by an alien/Earthling war and humans can no longer inhabit the planet. Good news: Morgan Freeman. Better news: Tom Cruise. Tom Cruise flies a wicked awesome aircraft and Tom Cruise rides a killer motorcycle. Tom Cruise kicks major ass. Pre-order now: charge to your local DVD outlet; immediately get to e-shopping. Then sit back, smug, and wait for the glory to arrive. $24
Stikwood-Gear-Patrol Stikwood
Hey, buddy. Don’t be too down on yourself. You’ve got a lot going for you. The correspondent’s course in comic book typography is definitely going to pay off some day, and you’re a top tier dragon master or whatever you call it. So what if you’re living in your parent’s basement? Here. Let’s take down these Jean Grey fanfic posters and cover the cinder block with some Stikwood. Just peel off the backing and stick up several square feet of wood paneling; it’s sustainable, reclaimed and made in the USA, just like your father’s disappointment. (Also good for normal homes and businesses.) stikwood.com
Sonic-Editions-Prints-Gear-Patrol Sonic Editions Photography Prints
Be one of the first and only folks to own artistic, often candid shots of the most iconic people to ever step in front of a camera — celebrities. Pulled from archives and sourced from big-time photographers, these prints of musicians, artists and film stars don’t get much more rad. Each is numbered, as they are limited edition, and custom framed per order. soniceditions.com