Today in Gear: January 2, 2014

Slate-Mobile-Airdesk-Gear-Patrol Slate Mobile AirDesk
Your parents don’t quite understand how you can work from home yet afford to sustain your own life. Just because a guy doesn’t have a desk doesn’t mean he’s not always hard at work…right? Prove your workday mettle (not before noon, of course) with this laptop desk arrangement. It’s handmade from solid bamboo, which absorbs what heat isn’t ventilated through the myriad vents in its structure, and features a simple phone or tablet stand as well as a durable, integrated mousepad. You’ll have to find somewhere else to set your beer. $100
Deus-x-Oakstreet-Boots-Gear-Patrol Oak Street Bootmakers x Deus Ex Machina
Deus Ex Machina, those of fine motorcycling gear, and Oak Street Bootmakers, those of exquisite footwear, have teamed up to offer a premium limited edition motorcycle boot available exclusively through the Italian Deus flagship store. It’s built off the Oak Street Trench boot with Dainite soles and a Goodyear welt — but the trick part is the extended cap toe, which is purpose-made for shifting your hog. ()
Blender-Bottle-Pro-Stack-Gear-Patrol BlenderBottle Prostak
If you’re out in the world being active but can’t bear to be separate from your supplements and powders, look no further than this leakproof hydration storage jug. It combines space for your pills and powders into the base of a water bottle, and a sphere-shaped whisk ensures your protein shake will be perfectly blended, even on the go. $14
Nike-Aeroloft-800-Summit-Gear-Patrol Nike Aeroloft 800 Summit
If you must build up a sweat out of doors this season, you shouldn’t go without excellent thermal gear. Things could get ugly. This lightweight jacket features Aeroloft fill for premium warmth, reflective material for optimum visibility and perforated patches to vent out the stank. $400
Spanish-Wines-Gear-Patrol Spanish Vines
Costco deals aren’t tripping your trigger of late? Check out this curated wine delivery service. Every two months they’ll ship you six bottles of Spanish wines that aren’t sold in stores. Salud. $125/shipment
Parker-Dusseau-Commuter-Suit-Gear-Patrol Parker Dusseau Commuter Suit
Only authentic Italian oumo can truly pull off a “normal” suit while biking about the streets of Italia. For those of us who don’t ride through the piazza during our morning commute but still want to look like a million Euro, there are these awesome suit separates engineered for a seamless transition from bike to work. The Australian Superwool outers contain bits of Spandex for full range of motion and supreme comfort (with a little moisture wicking to boot). The jacket is lined with a breathable and stretchy mesh, while out back pleats near the shoulders allow for extra movement. The pants feature a grippy inner waistband to keep shirts in place, and, like the other pieces in this lineup, also boast reflective material on the inside hems for those times when cuffs are rolled and collars are popped. $245+