The Sky's the Limit

Breakdown: London SkyCycle

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Last week, London architecture firms Exterior Architecture, Foster + Partners and Space Syntax proposed a plan to one-up their Danish friends who debuted an 11-mile bike superhighway in 2012. The British plan? Building a 137-mile bike superhighway that runs over existing rail lines. Dubbed Skycycle, the track is being lauded as an innovative way to thin out road traffic, cut carbon emissions and utilize urban space. It’s kind of like a Hyperloop, but in London. And for bikes rather than human-packed capsules. OK, so not that much like Hyperloop — but the innovative take on transportation shares the same genius intent. And, if the four-mile feasibility study between Stratford and Liverpool Street Station works out, it might actually happen. We break down the high-rising, far-pedaling plan above.