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Today in Gear, CES 2014 Edition: January 8, 2014


Have you (geeks) heard? CES 2014 is on, and we’ve got two men on the floor, app-ing and connectivity-ing and syncing with a vengeance. We’ll be updating you all week with the coolest thing’s we’ve found so far. Here’s the second batch, with an ultra-portable gaming computer, a 3D printer for the kitchen, TVs that’ll make your eyes weep with joy and much more.

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ChefJet-Gear-Patrol ChefJet and Chefjet Pro 3D Printers
If chess is any indication, it’s only a matter of time before 3D System’s ChefJet line of printers starts toasting the competitive baking scene. The ChefJet 3D is a countertop-friendly monochrome model designed to produce stylish edible prints for advanced bakers and confectioners, while the slightly larger Pro model boasts full color capabilities. Both come equipped with Digital Cookbook software for non-CAD experts to make getting started easy as cake. Look for the Chefjet in the second half of 2014 at a price of somewhere below $5,000. 3dsystems.com
Mophie-Space-Pack-Gear-Patrol Mophie Space Pack
Mophie’s slim-ish external battery pack cases have long been a staple for iPhone addicts. The Space Pack for the iPhone 5/5s ups Mophie’s value proposition by integrating 16GB or 32GB of storage in addition to a 1,700mAh battery pack. Any file can be stored and managed on the device, from photos to music in your iTunes library via a new free app called Space. Preorders start today for $150 (16GB) or $180 (32GB) and will start shipping on March 14th. $150+
Simplicam-Gear-Patrol Simplicam
You and your spouse both work until 6:00, but the kids get home at 4:00; the cat seems to be roving the countertops and eating his fill of any unsecured snacks while you’re away. Robot nannies don’t exist just yet, but Simplicam allows you to stream 720p footage of any room in your house to any internet-connected device. Facial recognition technology alerts you when the kids walk through the door, and the two-way talk lets you shoo Mr. Whiskers from afar. If you want to be that parent, you could even put one in your sixteen-year-old son’s bedroom (note: not recommended). simplicam.com
Sony-Smartphone-Reciever-Gear-Patrol Sony XSP-N1BT Smartphone Receiver
First, your phone was just a phone. Then it became an MP3 player. After that, it could access the web. Now, thanks to Sony’s XSP Smartphone Receiver, it serves as an in-dash touchscreen controller. Compatible with both Bluetooth-connected Android phones as well as USB-connected iOS devices, the device secures the phones to the dash and lets you use them to access music, apps and calls in the car. Never search for that elusive auxiliary cable again. $250
Auros-X7-Gear-Patrol Auros X7 Gaming Laptop
Pwning noobs just became more mobile. Whereas most gaming laptops can’t handle top graphics, look like foldable desktops, and have the heat output to match (which can mean some serious consequences for your offspring-creating abilities), Auros’s 17.3-inch beast is decked out with a pair of pair of NVIDIA GTX 765M 4GB graphics chips and a 4th-gen Intel i7 processor but weighs just over six pounds (thanks to an aluminum chassis) and uses five thermal pipes, four vents and two fans to keep things (and your boys) cool. aorus.com
Vizio-Reference-Series-Gear-Patrol Vizio Reference Series TVs
If you’re looking for a paltry kitchen TV — one that won’t spank your neighbor’s game room pride and joy on game day, or any day, for that matter — you’re probably not ready for Vizio’s new Reference Series LED smart TV line. They start at 65 inches and go all the way up to a 120-inch stunner; 4K ultra HD with true 10-bit color and 384 “local dimming zones” beams those horrible Steelers throwback jerseys in to your living room with even more teeth-grating contrast and clarity; 802.11ac dual-band MIMO wireless is at the top of the streaming spectrum; it’s smarter than just about any smart TV thanks to a quad-core GPU and dual-core CPU under the hood; a 5.1 surround sound bar makes sure your teeth are rattled just as much as your eyes are. Expect price tags to be astronomical — but, given Vizio’s history of value, don’t be surprised if your check book doesn’t hemorrhage as much as you’d think. vizio.com