Greed is good, says Gordon Gecko. A strong businessman, to put it lightly, though we won’t get into his ethics. Not everyone agrees with his motto on the money front, but certainly every one of us is greedy as hell about two other things: time and convenience. In the business world — that is, your world — every second of the day involves multitasking, dangerous sidetracks and hidden gems, tiny ones that serve as low-hanging fruit for the clever, hard-working and insightful man. It’s the little things — prioritizing one email over another, catching a sudden market change while others have their noses to the grindstone — that make a big difference. The Qualcomm Toq, a smart watch that is in many ways the most clever offering on the market, aims to make you more efficient through a plethora of useful apps and a build, design and aesthetic you can count on.

Before we even get into the Toq, take note: Qualcomm is itself chock full of very smart, very successful businessmen and women. These are the folks who make the guts of our generation’s most incredible everyday tool, the smartphone. And it’s not just that — innovative, futuristic-but-not-absurd technologies like wireless charging and cutting edge displays also fall under their umbrella. So yes, you should trust them with your new nerdy wristwear.

Before we even get into the Toq, take note: Qualcomm is itself chock full of very smart, very successful businessmen and women.

Their Toq serves the same general goal of its competitors, which is to say, putting a whole variety of information just a twist of the wrist away. The Toq is built around a proprietary Mirasol display touchscreen, which is crisp, easily read even in bright sunlight, and much more efficient than comparable LED screens, improving battery life to multiple days (if you’re after the battery, by the way, look in the clasp). The Toq achieves its seamless aesthetic by eschewing ports or buttons — it charges wirelessly, and both homepage navigation and brightness are controlled by tapping the wristband above or below the watch.

Calls can be screened through it and then answered (or not) through the optional paired Bluetooth headsets; notifications on calls, texts, emails, alarms, etc., can be customized to come through the Toq — it’ll even vibrate, if you want it to. Calls and canned text messages like “Text you back soon” or “In a meeting. Will call you back later” can be sent to contacts through the Toq’s “Comm Hub” or as a quick response to an incoming call or text. The most plentiful amount of options come from its wide range of apps, which include tools for detailed calendar controls, stock info from E*Trade, weather, a way to find a misplaced phone, adjustments for your phone’s ring or vibrate settings, and more, and can all be accessed just as if you were tapping away on your phone…only you’re not.

Nope, instead you’re glancing unobtrusively at your wrist during that power lunch with top brass to make sure you’re hitting the talking points you devised beforehand. You’re staying up to date with stocks over drinks with colleagues; you’re quarterbacking big project calls while on the run. Qualcomm also hasn’t forgotten that you have a life outside of work (just make sure you haven’t). Long after you throw aside your monkey suit for sweatpants and a favorite tee, uses for the Toq remain, whether they’re controlling your playlists via the wrist (and jamming out through those wireless headsets we mentioned earlier) or keeping an eye on texts from your pending hot date. As we all know, there are far more things to be greedy about than money, and the Toq doesn’t discriminate.