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Today in Gear, CES 2014 Edition: January 10, 2014


Have you (geeks) heard? CES 2014 is on, and we’ve got two men on the floor, app-ing and connectivity-ing and syncing with a vengeance. We’ll be updating you all week with the coolest thing’s we’ve found so far. Here’s the second batch, replete with Steam’s new controller, a Garmin dashcam, a digital servant and more.

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Ivee-Gear-Patrol Ivee
Siri? Old news. Watson? A dude. One of the most impressive new entrants to the voice-command field is Ivee, which lets you control your home in the same way that Siri lets you control your phone. Although it looks like an ordinary clock, Ivee is outfitted with wi-fi and a microphone. Turn on your lights, check the weather, and, thanks to integration with Nest, Iris, Lockitron, and Philips Hue, among others, control your appliances, all with the power of your voice. $230+
steam-controller-gear-patrol Steam Controller
We reported on the Steam Controller (and its Steam Box counterpart) several months ago, but at CES many had a chance to go hands-on with the device. The results were mixed. It seems the controller’s dual trackpads have a steep learning curve, which many will find frustrating — why even stray from the already successful joysticks of standard console controllers? That being said, Steam’s palm candy didn’t yet have a working central touchscreen, one of its most exciting elements; its open-blueprint for mapping will take the gaming community some time to explore. In the words of one IGN reviewer, the device left him “a bit underwhelmed, slightly confused, but still cautiously optimistic”. Keep an eye out for our own hands-on. steampowered.com
Jaybird-Gear-Patrol Jaybird Reign Activity Monitor
In case you wanted another wearable fitness tracker, check out the Jaybird Reign. It measures statistics while walking, running, or (with a foot strap) cycling, but more importantly, it features the Go-Zone, which monitors your heart rate and tells you to exercise during ideal time windows. Because it also knows when you’re sleeping (muahaha), it doesn’t need you to manually put it into sleep mode. jaybirdsport.com
LG-Chromebase-Gear-Patrol LG Chromebase
You give all your RAM to Google Chrome anyways, so why not get a computer powered by the Chrome operating system? First announced back in December, the LG Electronics Chromebase features a 21.5-inch Full HD (1920 x 1080) IPS display, a fourth-generation Intel CPU, a 1.3MP webcam with a microphone and a pair of built-in 5W speakers. lg.com
Garmin-Dashcam-Gear-Patrol Garmin Dashcam
You don’t need to live in Russia to get a dash cam, though it certainly helps, especially when you want to capture footage of bears crossing the street. No, dash cams are for everyone, and with the new Garmin Dash Cam 10, they’re easier to use than ever. Featuring a 2.3-inch HD display, the 10 records both audio and video, and an incident-detection system automomagically saves footage of collisions. Want to capture overzealous police officers? You’re on your own. $220
Rocki-Gear-Patrol Rocki
Think SONOS meets Jambox. Rocki uses wi-fi and a custom app to allow multiple people to build, control and listen to a mobile playlist together. It plugs into just about any audio system with an auxiliary in — and its geological design comes in a rainbow of colors for the chic listener set. $49+
Clio-Gear-Patrol Clio
Its claims of invisibility are about as viable as Miss Cleo’s claims of clairvoyance — but we get the point. The diminutive speaker is squat and long, staying out of sight in any room with ease. Sound comes from both sides for a more complete room-filling, 2.1-channel boom; Bluetooth connectivity and out-of-the-box setup make it a breeze to use. $349