Today in Gear: January 16, 2014

Incase-Campus-Backpack-Gear-Patrol InCase Campus Backpack
This full-size backpack is nothing like that cheap two-pocket nylon number you sported in the Nineties. This guy is made of much sturdier 400D and 600D nylon, and its rounded rectangular shape hides two large compartments and an iPad sleeve that’s positioned for easy retrieval. Of course, it wouldn’t be a modern pack would without a fully padded laptop sleeve built in, and since hydration is a healthy choice (even if it’s spiked Gatorade in a Nalgene for those classy campus soirées), two water bottle sleeves round out the exterior. $50
Aylesbury-Duck-Vodka-Gear-Patrol Aylesbury Duck Vodka
Ah, Canadian winter wheat vodka. Triple distilled in 70-year-old copper stills and bottled in ergonomic containers, since that’s important, (ducks all over the bottle, since that’s important too), this is a unique-looking and smooth-tasting spirit perfect for any cocktail you’ve got in mind.
Luminox-ANU-Series-Gear-Patrol Luminox ANU Series
This 45mm timepiece with anti-reflective sapphire crystal and two strap options (black PU or a black nylon NATO number) will resist the wet to 200 meters. That’s because maritime commandos are in on the deal, inspiring the rugged and handsome qualities that make it perfect for your next water-based mission. $650
Hello-In-There-Ties-and-Bowties-Gear-Patrol Hello In There Ties and Pocket Squares
These English doodads are handmade semi-formal accessories for the dapper dresser. Bow ties, neckties and pocket squares made of cotton, linen and vintage fabrics sport wild yet classy patterns and colors, each sure to stand out wherever it is you may roam in your nattiest attire. $80+
Audi-A8-L-Security-Edition-Gear-Patrol Audi A8 L Security Edition
Whether you make enough money to buy a country or you simply rule one, your personal safety is of utmost importance, especially when tooling about town in your chauffeured luxo-mobile. Your royal-highness hide will be protected in the latest offering from Audi, an updated version of their A8 L — the “Security” edition — which can survive “firing with NATO sub-caliber ammunition” and “withstand attack by military hand grenades”. The added weight of steel plating and multi-layered glass (these and other mods take 450 hours to install) will certainly add weight, but shedding a little hustle for peace of mind is a fair trade off. No word on pricing, but Audi is gladly taking orders from any and all at-risk despots in the market for a new ride. ()
Nike+FuelBand-SE-Silver-Edition-Gear-Patrol Nike+ FuelBand SE Silver Edition
Nike’s newest limited-edition version of the FuelBand joins other products in the brand’s Metaluxe collection. It functions exactly like the original, but is a bit sleeker with chrome accents. A slightly more blinged-out workout comes at the cost of 20 extra dolla billz. $169