Rough: The Way Your Face Likes It

The Nitty Gritty: 5 Best Face Scrubs For Men


Have you ever gotten a close look at what’s inside a pore after even one day of being exposed to the elements? Hint: everything. Dead skin, dirt, grime, oil, sweat, smog, lunch, whatever — there’s a lot of junk being collected. And regarding that face of yours, have you seen it up close? Seen how dry and flaky it can get? One of the easiest ways to achieve clearer, cleaner, flake-free skin is to regularly rid your face of all that crap, but even special face washes can’t touch all that stuff because it’s mashed into the natural divots and pits in your epidermis. The best way to get it out is to scrub it out. With a face scrub.

Think of it like waxing your car — it’s almost exactly the same thing. You’re rubbing a coarse (but not, like, dangerously coarse) material onto your skin in a gentle circular motion in order to remove fine grime and to essentially polish the outermost layer of skin. As an extra bonus, these gritty goos, depending on the brand, are formulated with vitamins, supplements and other goodies to enrich your skin as it clears it out. What’s more, if you use a scrub right before shaving, you’ll reduce the occurrence of ingrown hairs and subtly raise your stubble for easier slicing.

When you’re shopping for a scrub you’ll want to keep in mind whether or not you mind additives and fragrance, or if you prefer botanical ingredients over more science-y stuff like light acids. Price ranges vary too, but since scrubs aren’t meant to be used every day (think 2-3 times per week), what you’re spending will stretch that much further. So add one of these five face scrubs for men to your arsenal — we think they’re the best on the market right now. Just make sure to keep your skin well moisturized; scrubs are essential, but they’re a gentle form of abuse, so your skin will love you for keeping it well nourished also.

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