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This Week in Culture: Sundance 2014 Edition

Robert Redford, co-founder of the Sundance Film Festival, on a Ski Lift.

There’s too much damn information floating around these days: interesting things to read, beautiful places to see, impressive figures to remember. Lucky for you, your weekly digest of culture starts right here. This week, it’s all about the ever-burgeoning film-festival-meets-ski-bunnies: Sundance.

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The Producers At some point, you may have wondered what role the producer plays in the making of a movie. Question answered. Now that we cleared that up, check out some inspiring quotes from some of Hollywood’s biggest names.
Fleeting Films Want to see the Sundance selections, but can’t make it to Park City? You might be out of luck. Apparently, finding some of them on the big screen will be as difficult as getting your hands on a six pack of Bell’s Hopslam.
The 12-Year Project Richard Linklater and Ethan Hawke team up again, this time on Boyhood, which took twelve years to film and will debut at Sundance. We haven’t seen it, but we guess that it’s either going leave you (a) scratching your head and appreciating life or (b) really, really angry.
Will the Stars Align? Sundance has a reputation for launching cult hits (Little Miss Sunshine, Clerks, Wet Hot American Summer, Hoop Dreams, etc., etc.) and this year holds more potential than ever.
Smokin’ Getting stoked for Sundance usually means watching the Golden Globes, which were about as cool as Julia Louis -Dreyfus’s e-cigarette (which was a joke, U.S. senators. It was a skit). Because none of us have time, here’s a rundown of who won.
The Briefing Room Get briefed on some of this year’s Sundance front-runners, thanks to our friends over at Kempt.
Thanks, Zimmer Music and movies go hand-in-hand, but many of this year’s Sundance selections do more than use it to sell soundtracks — they feature music as a topic.
Sleep When You’re Dead Sometimes, in order to get your small film featured at a big festival, you need to jump through a few hoops.