Bringing sexy back to Toyota

Breakdown: Toyota FT-1

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By all accounts, the 2014 Detroit Auto Show was a huge success — the best in years, even, by virtue of the array of new production cars as well as the daring concept designs that the automotive culture demands. As much as it’s tough to choose a favorite, the Toyota FT-1 Concept has our vote for the best concept car of the entire show. Though it’s evocative of the Toyota Supra, the FT-1 clearly points in a far more daring design direction that any past or current Toyota (not that it would take much, given their very conservative lineup at present). The concept is part in parcel of what Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda wants to do with the company — that is, reinvigorating the soul of sporting design and driving that seems to have been forgotten about lately. In its current form, the racy FT-1 is not a car that Toyota plans to build, but rather one that is meant as a design exercise to possibly foreshadow what one day might be. For that, we salute it. See our breakdown above.