Today in Gear: January 20, 2014

Wooden-a-Coachs-Life-Gear-Patrol Wooden: A Coach’s Life
John Wooden’s legendary run as men’s b-ball coach at UCLA in the ’60s and ’70s resulted in 10 NCAA championships and an 88-game winning streak. Written by Sports Illustrated staff writer and CBS sports personality Seth Davis, this volume has been compiled using more than 200 interviews of those who knew Wooden best, including the man himself. $22
Jawbone-Era-Bluetooth-Gear-Patrol Jawbone Era Bluetooth Headset
Google Glass wasn’t the first wearable tech out there, fellas. The Bluetooth headset has been around for quite a while now, but Jawbone has one-upped even themselves, improving upon an age-old (in technology-terms) formula with this, a lighter, smaller and more capable earpiece. Beyond taking calls the Era also streams music, connects to Siri, and features “military grade” background noise-canceling abilities. The chargeable case carries enough juice for an extra four hours of talk time, and the app manages custom functions and helps locate your device should you accidentally talk your own ear off. $130
Grahame-Fowler-Camo-Watch-Rolls-Gear-Patrol Grahame Fowler Camo Watch Rolls
Your travel with your watches always, but that means they’re ripe for the plucking, a neat and tidy present for thieves. However, should your watch roll be, say, invisible to the naked eye, how could anyone possibly nick it? Urban and Woodland camo color ways may help you hide your favorites in plain sight, but they’re handsome enough that people should really take notice. $100
Nike-Pro-Combat-Recovery-Hypertight-Gear-Patrol Nike Pro Combat Recovery Hypertight
For a quicker recovery and effective swelling and muscle pain relief after a bout of exercise, there are fewer cooler options than compression wear — if you’re into the whole superhero aesthetic, that is. (Who wouldn’t be?) Nike’s new Hypertight apparel features graduated compression, so it’s tighter near the feet and slightly more forgiving higher up, and features Dri-Fit fabric to keep your moisture well-wicked. Available early February.
J-Crew-Ludlow-Shoe-Gear-Patrol The J. Crew Ludlow Shoe
J. Crew’s Ludlow suit has become the standard for men who want to maximize quality and cut while keeping affordability high as well. Now you can Ludlow down low too with the new line of classy footwear. Italian calfskin leather makes up the outers on both shoe types — a plain toe and a devilishly brogued look — and the Goodyear welt means they’ll accept a new sole when you run the first leather bottoms ragged. $298
Crescent-Switchable-Multi-Purpose-Cutter-Gear-Patrol Crescent Switchable Multi-Purpose Cutter
The interchangeable cutting ends in this tool set snap in and out with nary an ounce of effort, providing users with proper blades for cutting all manner of material. Trim some siding, fix the garden hose, use the plier attachment to tighten a bolt and then finish by lopping off the toes of your enemies one by one until they spill the beans. Then use the bottle opener attachment to celebrate your being a successful handyman and mob enforcer. $34