Today in Gear: January 21, 2014

Nike-Vapor-Carbon-Super-Bowl-Edition-Gear-Patrol Nike Vapor Carbon Super Bowl Edition
Try giving the Broncos and Seahawks a run for their money this winter — just strap these babies on and you’ll at least look like a pro. They’re low-profile performance shoes with a mixture of bladed and conical cleats which, combined with Nike’s trick Flywire tech, give you the grip you need for that double move. Just before a 350-pound muscle wall disintegrates your body with a single tackle. $150
Beyer-Dynamic-A-200-p-DAC-Gear-Patrol Beyerdynamic A 200 p DAC
We all like to enjoy premium-quality music outside the confines of the home and office, and Beyer Dynamic’s new 2.2-inch by 2.2-inch DAC, which plugs into your mobile device and headphones, is sized to be about as pocket friendly as you could ever want. Its 11-hour run time should be enough to get you through a commute or two. $299
Noble-Denim-Gear-Patrol Noble Denim
Used to be ‘Merica was home to tried-and-true blue jean baby queens and the people who made said jeans. With more and more clothing being made overseas, it’s rare that a company like Noble Denim, which makes small batches of handmade selvage denim apparel in Ohio and Tennessee, even exists. Get in on a limited run and represent the stars, the stripes and jeans the way they were always intended to be made.
Timex-Originals-Classic-Round-Gear-Patrol Timex Originals Classic Round
A super clean and simple watch is a bold statement but also a casual one; this Timex, with its heritage-inspired design and very affordable price tag, isn’t one to pass up. It’s got a real leather strap, Indiglo light and 30-meter water resistance. $65
Lamborghini-50th-Anniversary-Grand-Tour-Gear-Patrol Lamborghini 50th Anniversary Grand Tour
Documenting a 350-car trip through Italy, this photo collection is an astounding visual journey through the wild and beautiful sheet metal landscape of all things Lamborghini. The pictures are almost completely original — meaning no retouching and hardly any color correction — which translates to a colorful, wild purity and a great car guy coffee table read.
Kettle-Thermo-Jug-By-Norm-Architects-Gear-Patrol Kettle Thermo Jug By Norm Architects
This Asian/Bauhaus-inspired kettle is a modern send up of the classics. It’s drip-free, though you may want to reconsider filling it, instead displaying it on the mantle and bragging about “that one time you robbed MoMA”. $69