Today in Gear: January 22, 2014

Whiskey-Soaked-Campfire-Jerky-Gear-Patrol Whiskey Soaked Campfire Jerky
We usually take our bourbon over rocks and in a glass. Who knew it was so good in finger-food form? We’re talking beef soaked in Bulleit and then slow smoked into boozy-tasting, manly munchies. $16
Skydrop-Controller-Gear-Patrol Skydrop Sprinkler Controller
Since it’s now officially the future, it’s time to replace that clunky old semi-manual sprinkler and install something quite a lot smarter. Like a couple other recent home automation devices we can think of, this controller connects to wi-fi and commands up to eight zones depending on local weather patterns and parameters you set personally (via an app, of course). $299 ()
Dyer-&-Jenkins-Original-Indigo-Crewneck-Gear-Patrol Dyer & Jenkins Original Indigo Crewneck
Sometimes you just need a simple crewneck knit shirt, something comfortable and well-cut that’ll last forever. A new go-to. This very well may be it: a classic indigo-dyed shirt, cut and dyed in LA, that will fade in time. $95
Lumberjack-Gear-Patrol Lumberjack
Half the things you own require USB chargers, and while some sport a modern-chic aesthetic, they all sort of blend together. Set yourself apart with a real wooden USB adapter whose name will wow the best punsters around. $20
Rocky-Mounts-Brass-knuckles-Bike-Rack-Gear-Patrol Rocky Mounts Brass Knuckles Bike Rack
This electric-blue aluminum bike rack is notable for its “brass knuckle” style handle. It’s got a no-pinch trigger, ratcheting adjustment system and a low, quiet mount. Because doing what you love should be simple and stylish.
Titin-Weighted-Compression-Shirt-Gear-Patrol Titin Weighted Compression Shirt
Train with extra weight and you’ll perform like an übermensch when it’s taken off (or so the theory goes). This system allows über athletes to pack an inner shirt with gel inserts — that can be heated or cooled, depending on your preference — in order to add eight pounds to the torso. The eight extra pounds are smushed down to the body with an outer compression layer, and the entire system can be used as a post-workout icing routine as well. $33