Skis have become impossibly technical — not with complicated gadgets and moving parts, but instead with physics-based tweaks to geometry and core materials. With all the progress, it’s a wonder we haven’t found a way to levitate with a coat of Swix. Skiing has come a long way, but in this photo essay we decided to reminisce about a bygone era of skiing, when hot dogs ruled the slopes, doing figure eights down double blacks in their neon bibs. Hay was being made by the Rossis, Olins and Elans of the world; Peter Berg was focusing on his acting career in the classic “Top Gun of the slopes” alpine flick, Aspen Extreme (yes, that Peter Berg). Ski vacation was an inalienable right of private school prepsters, and snowboards were barely a notion. Ah, it’s good to relive those times. Slow-motion high-fives all around.

Photographed at Silver King Coffee Company in Park City, Utah.