Today in Gear: January 24, 2014

Odin-Full-Size-Home-Scent-Candles-Gear-Patrol Odin Full-Size Home Scent Candles
To supplement soon-tobe-released votive-sized candles, Odin’s released full-size versions in four new scents (named Tanoke, Seylon, Roam and Semma, if you were wondering). The candles are hand-poured into translucent black glass cylinders, are made of slate-colored wax, and include a heavy, logo-embossed metal coaster. With notes of black pepper, bergamot, bittersweet saffron and warm myrrh, each of the new scents is a unique and spicy mix of aromas you’ll wonder how you ever lived without. $65
Mountain-Khakis-Old-Faithful-Sweater-Gear-Patrol Mountain Khakis Old Faithful Sweater
Despite its name, there’s nothing geyser-like about this sweater jacket (swacket), unless you count its gushing amount of stylish layering awesomeness and the fact that you could easily become a tourist attraction if you wear it too much. It’s full-zip, with hand pockets and chest pockets as well as an interior pocket. $120
Bosch-Self-Leveling-Cross-Line-Laser-Gear-Patrol Bosch Self-Leveling Cross-Line Laser
Unless you’re building Salvador Dali’s Dream house, everything needs to be straight and true. In the past chalk lines, a bubble level and your trusty tape have served you well — but, then again, people used to use printing presses to make books. Bosch’s new Self-Levelling Cross-Line Laser lays things out at the touch of a button; the rugged over-moulded box uses a smart pendulum leveling system to ensure accuracy within an eighth of an inch over 33 feet. It’s equipped with a magnetic base for easy mounting to steel studs, and can attach to a tripod base or hang from above as well. $149
Wallace-&-Barnes-Duffel-Bag-Gear-Patrol J.Crew Wallace & Barnes Duffel Bag
It’s hard to knock the timelessness of the canvas and leather duffel. This bag from Wallace & Barnes does its part to carry that flag onward: with its special blue pinstripe lining, the requisite interior pocket and all the necessary details it’s doing everything right. $368
Aperion-Audio-Allaire-Bluetooth-Gear-Patrol Aperion Audio Allaire Bluetooth
These speakers connect via Bluetooth 4.0, and two 50W amplifiers, 4-inch subwoofers and 1-inch tweeters pump out serious sound. Blazing white cabinets with black speakers will look sweet on your bookshelf — which is precisely where they’re meant to live. $399
Word-Notebooks-Stealth-Camo-Gear-Patrol Word Notebooks Stealth Camo
Presumably made for those who wish to keep prying eyes from their private journal entries, these new notebooks can hide your missives in plain sight. Alternatively, they’d be excellent for passing notes with your military buddies should you be deployed in the wilderness and need to discuss your crush, like, right now. $10
Withings-Aura-Sleep-System-Gear-Patrol Withings Aura Sleep System
The Aura system utilizes an LED lamp/sleep environment monitor and sleep pad that keeps an eye on your physical movements during sleep to provide detailed analysis of your nocturnal habits and sleep cycles via a mobile app. The app can also be used to program the lamp, which, using colored light, lulls users to sleep and gently rouses them as well.
Santa-Maria-Novella-Skin-Care-Gear-Patrol Santa Maria Novella Skin Care
400-year-old pharmacist brand Santa Maria Novella, originally founded by Friars in a monastery, has released an artisanal skin care line exclusively through Mr. Porter (it’s about time). There are products to clean, hydrate and repair, some of which are combined into handy dandy kits for ease of use. $40+