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This Week in Culture: January 24, 2014

Try to procrastinate on that stool. Just try.

There’s too much damn information floating around these days: interesting things to read, beautiful places to see, impressive figures to remember. Lucky for you, your weekly digest of culture starts right here. This week, the menu (it’s prix fixe) is full of goodies like Olympic controversy, inspirational work spaces, a billion dollar bracket and much more.

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Mazel Tov Our very own Mr. Eric Yang joins Banksy, Ai Weiwei, Derrick Rose and Daft Punk on HYPEBEAST’s list of the 100 most influential men of the year.
Five Ring Circus A lot has been said lately about the Sochi games (which start February 7th), and very little of it is about athletes. Instead, talk has been focused on the rampant corruption: it’s estimated that for the same price that Vladimir Yakunin, a former KGB general and friend of Putin’s, built a 31-mile road and railway, he could have paved the thing with Beluga caviar. Oh, here’s one about an athlete…getting disqualified at a tournament for obscene gestures. Save us, curling.
Richard Sherman Hate him? Think again. In other weird sports news, a crazy, crazy golf scandal.
March Madness If you fill out a perfect March Madness bracket, Warren Buffet will pay you a billion dollars.
Bills on Bills You heard it from Bill Gates: by 2035, there will no longer be “poor” (by the current definition) countries in the world. Meanwhile, everyone’s favorite scientist, Bill Nye, takes on poverty myths, and Bill Murray talks shop on Reddit.
Social Security Japan provides a case study for how to make weird porn (sorry, no link), but also how to pay for an aging population and build public bathrooms.
THE ENERGY BILL IS TOO DAMN HIGH For the past 30 years, Con Edison’s New York customers have paid for Madison Square Garden’s $650,000 energy bill. Not anymore, MSG. Not anymore.
Clone Wars These Star Wars movies are beginning to remind us of the Land Before Time series. What number are we on? VII? Anyways, the script is done. Thanks, J.J. Abrams.
Where Math and Love Collide The most interesting article about math you’ll read today. Unfortunately, the acts described in the article may also have been illegal.
Get Inspired By this collection of 40 minimalist offices. Or this oral history of Swingers.
Oh Hell Yes Steve McQueen interviews Kanye West.
Wonder Years Before they sold to tweens at the mall, Abercrombie and Fitch sold high-end outdoor gear. We still smell Fierce in our dreams.