A New Motus Operandi

Breakdown: 2014 Motus MST/MST-R

Cars By Photo by Motus
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It’s hard enough to bring a brand new motorcycle to market that can compete with the existing best. Try doing it as a new company, charging up the hill of well-established sport-touring segment dominated by the likes of Triumph, Yamaha and BMW. Then try it as a new American company. Birmingham, Alabama-based Motus Motorcycles is doing just that with their own distinct flavor in the form of the MST ($30,975) and MST-R ($36,975) sport-tourers. Working in conjunction with race car manufacturer Pratt & Miller, they’ve built the first American production bike that uses a pushrod V4 engine.

Motus isn’t duplicating what’s already out there. Their bike is distinctly American by virtue of its potent liquid-cooled engine, which is manufactured right in East Texas and then shipped to Alabama where it’s installed in Motus’s high-end cro-moly chassis. The powerful aluminum-block engine weighs in at a mere 140 pounds, and the bike itself is a scant 500 pounds with a full gas tank. Unless you’re built like a brick shit house and you have frequent flier miles at your local Chinese buffet, the Motus should more than suffice your power and speed needs.

But it’s not all straight line quickness that makes the MST a great new bike. The bespoke chassis and suspension setup help it perform adroitly in turns and give plenty of room for adventurous riders to push their limits. It also sports just the right balance of tech advancements, like a color LCD instrument panel that’s state of the art yet simple to use. And while the prices of both versions are premiums, the MTS and MTS-R clearly have a found their place as contenders in the sport-touring segment.