Speedier Skating

Breakdown: Under Armour Mach 39 Speedsuit

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Asked about “pinnacles of winter Olympic technology”, your thoughts probably head in the direction of bobsleigh and alpine skiing, stopping well short of events like figure skating and curling (that MSNBC mainstay where it’s still custom for the winners to buy the losing team a beer after the match).

Speedskating — not to mention its thrilling short track sibling — is likewise known less for its technical innovation and more for its excitement. Under Armour, partnered with Team USA and Lockheed Martin (yes, that Lockheed Martin) has set out to change all that. Come February 8th at 6:30 a.m. EST the USA men’s 5000m contenders will be the first to don the menacing and impressive Mach 39 Speedsuit in anger. The Mach 39 (that’s 29,687.1 miles per hour for those keeping track at home) is loaded with an incredible amount of aerodynamic and heritage-inspired tech, so much — in fact — that we figured it’d be a good idea to break it down above.