Today in Gear: January 30, 2014

Saturdays-Surf-NYC-x-Porter-Square-Bottom-Tote-Gear-Patrol Saturdays Surf NYC x Porter Square Bottom Tote
We do love a collaboration, especially when the product is as handsome and useful as this tote. Like the best bags, it’s constructed well and also utilitarian — the square-shaped bottom easily accepts everything you need for a day’s jaunt and perhaps even some things you don’t. $275
Singtrix-Gear-Patrol Singtrix
With Singtrix you can rock out as both lead singer and backup vocals at your next musical soirée. Created by the same folks who made Guitar Hero, the karaoke performance enhancer allows you to connect any music whatsoever to the device, be it from your own library or via a karaoke app, so you can sing along. But it also modulates your voice, allows you to harmonize with yourself (with up to four harmonies, Queen-style) in real time and much more; it even comes with a 2.1 home theater speaker. Find a way to mount this to a helmet and you could be the next big thing. $300
Reigning-Champ-x-Everlast-Sweats-Gear-Patrol Reigning Champ x Everlast Sweats
Quite fitting to pair “champ” and Everlast. This collab features vintage-ish boxing sweats done in attractive styles and shapes while maintaining a classic look. Featuring hoodies, cut-off tees, shorts and more, the whole line is ready to hit the streets or some guy’s face (keep it in the ring, please).
Poly-Science-Sous-Vide-Immersion-Circulator-Gear-Patrol PolyScience Sous Vide Immersion Circulator
If Sous Vide cooking is the laboratory-approved method of food prep, then this thing can make you a Victor von Frankenstein (pronounced Franken-steen) in a single purchase. Take home the science, plop some goodies in a bag, use your own pot or pan, and let it swirl. $300
Killspencer-Bridle-Leather-iPad-Pouch-Gear-Patrol Killspencer Bridle Leather iPad Pouch
Awesome, pretty computer tablet, meet ultra-high-grade leather sleeve for you and your accessories. There are multiple colors, though you’ll get ogles regardless of your choice. $139
Assouline-Men-Memoire-Gear-Patrol Assouline Men Memoire
This collection should be pretty much all the primer any fella might need to kickstart his journey into manhood. A book on Fred Astaire’s highest-echelon style, a volume dedicated to the world of polo (the game, the style, the players), one book on cigar culture, another to “rebel style” (think leather jackets and Marlon Brando) and one entire tome dedicated to cuff links. Now that’s what we call a well-rounded gent. $125