Today in Gear: January 31, 2014

Hudsalve-Lip-Balm-Gear-Patrol Hudsalve Lip Balm
They’re calling it “the Swiss Army Knife of lip balm” for good reason — this stuff purportedly does everything. Originally made for the Swedish Military, Hudsalve can be used to protect your lips and skin from chapping and chafing; it’s been used to treat boot leather and lube up rifles; it’s hardy enough that mosquitos apparently don’t like the stuff. Just what we want to put near our mouths. $12
Garage-Monk-Home-Brew-Bottle-Labels-Gear-Patrol Garage Monk Home Brew Bottle Labels
Anything that makes an already awesome hobby cooler and easier is all right by us. These reusable, colorful, waterproof vinyl labels are cut in funky shapes and adhere to your home brew bottles with no extra help. All you’ll need is a dry-erase marker (you can write on them) and a dream to make each batch a custom-labeled hops delivery system. $24
Facebook-Paper-Gear-Patrol Facebook Paper
The Facebook app sort of sucks. With Paper, available February 3rd, Facebook has borrowed a page from Flipboard’s book and listened to the frustrated cries of its millions of mobile users: this app looks very good. It’s the newsfeed reimagined, with flippable pictures, scrolling stories and many of the requisite Facebook functions, but without the gaudy blue menus and confusing buttons everywhere. Maybe not a reason to care about your high school classmate’s new tattoo, but certainly a reason to check it out. Free
Stelton-Ice-Away-Scraper-Gear-Patrol Stelton Ice Away Scraper
Since the 100 percent utilitarian ice scraper has always been missing a certain degree of design aesthetic, this here fancy tool will be sure to break ground in the winter scene (and likely a good deal of ice as well). It folds for compact storage and features a hard edge for ice and a soft edge for snow.
Point-3-X-Wrap-Socks-Gear-Patrol Point 3 X-Wrap Socks
These socks are made solely (heh) for the athlete who gives a damn about keeping his ankles intact. They’ll wick moisture, are anatomically designed for specific feet (right or left) and come in distinct sizes too — and, most importantly, the compression bands that form an X around the ankle are meant to add extra support and rigidity where our stems are most vulnerable. $16
Hungry-Fan-Gear-Patrol Hungry Fan
Stadiums are like tiny cities unto themselves. And since there’s a great game going on in the middle, the last thing you want to do is spend an eternity wandering the periphery in search of the perfect sustenance. With Hungry Fan, select the venue and peruse dining options and individual menus. Presumably so you can minimize the walking around-to-beer-drinking ratio. Free