More than just a toy

Rule the Land/Air/Sea With These 10 Remote-Controlled Vehicles

Get ready to fight over it with your kid.

When I was just seven years old I owned my first Porsche. It was the wickedly fast 917 racecar with Martini Racing livery; who could believe that I was the proud driver of such a legendary automobile? Granted, it was 1/18 scale, built with plastic, and I had to drive it with a remote control. But it was quick, maneuverable, and I could take it just about anywhere. I imagined myself a Le Mans racer where the world was my track, and this $30 remote controlled car made me an instant fan.

There’s something particularly enticing about piloting a vehicle well before you can drive the real thing. Even for adults, remote-controlled vehicles are a thrill — they’re so evocative of childhood and such a departure from real life that they beckon our thumbs and steal our undivided attention. You can spend as little or as much as you want on a remote-controlled vehicle (you’ll see shortly that there are far more than cars available), but what each one delivers is huge fun in a small package — and, in some cases, the kind of performance that shames the full-sized deal. Here are ten great remote controlled vehicles that are worth your time, your imagination and some of your hard-earned cash. Just be prepared to fight over them with your kids.

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