Today in Gear: February 6, 2014

HiFiMan-Music-Player-Gear-Patrol HiFiMan Music Player
At less than three ounces and under half an inch thick, this player’s surprisingly trim. It’s purpose-built for headphones with balanced wiring — and, look at that, a set of balanced earbuds are included. The 32GB memory will hold all your favorite tracks, and the battery should last 15 hours per charge. $250
Mookum-Hall-in-One-Gear-Patrol Mookum Hall-In-One
Minimalism. Mirror. Felt coat hooks. Birchwood mail slot. Efficiency. Hallway. $147
Gentry-Double-Pocket-Pullover-Gear-Patrol Gentry Double Pocket Pullover
This Japanese-made chambray pullover features a scalloped hem, hidden pockets and four Corozo buttons for that trendy half-and-half shirt look. $450
Dunhill-Bourdon-Color-Leather-Collection-Gear-Patrol Dunhill Bourdon Color Leather Collection
At the intersection of high-quality, fashionable, desirable and pizazz is this collection of very bright, very colorful leather goods from Dunhill. From card cases to briefcases, this lot of mottled leather goods runs the rainbow gamut. $150+
Fender-60th-Anniversary-Stratocaster-Gear-Patrol Fender 60th Anniversary 1954 Stratocaster
The Fender Stratocaster needs no introduction, even sixty years after it hit the scene. The ash body, sunburst maple fingerboard, 1954 single-coil Strat pickups ooze 1950s-era cool capability — keep those hipster glasses frames, plop on some pomade and you’re Buddy Holly bound. $2,500
Pete-Rose-An-American-Dilemma-Gear-Patrol Pete Rose: An American Dilemma
Pete Rose, the Hit King — so named because he has more base hits than anyone in history — is not eligible for induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame, a much-debated situation. He was a polarizing figure always, and eventually exiled from the baseball world for gambling. This book examines his life and the moral quandary surrounding the Hall of Fame dilemma. $20