Today in Gear: February 10, 2014

Monocle-Voyage-Gear-Patrol Monocle Voyage
Is there a more respected and beautiful record of international affairs in print? Monocle is as important as it is fascinating, and now the brand has branched out to offer an exquisite line of clothing that captures the aesthetic of its print offering. Jackets, shirts and trousers that are tailored from Japanese and Italian fabrics to create comfortable and effortlessly stylish classic pieces for your very in-the-know wardrobe.
Escali-Smart-Connect-Kitchen-Scale Gear Patrol Escali SmartConnect Kitchen Scale
The connected kitchen has arrived. This smart scale pays attention to precise weight measurements to document — from its catalog of 8,000 ingredients — the nutritional value of every meal you make. From there the scale talks to a mobile app via Bluetooth and constructs a food journal so you can track your intake on the go. $100
Toshiba-Canvio-Home-Backup-Gear-Patrol Toshiba Canvio Home Backup
Sometimes more of the same is good — these second-gen home network storage hard drives are a breeze to use. Drag and drop files, stream media to DLNA-compatible devices, access your data from anywhere via the internet or android/iOS apps and enjoy official Mac computer support. 2TB and 3TB models available. $150+
Levi-Commuter-Vest-Gear-Patrol Levi’s Commuter Packable Vest
This packable vest is entirely ready to ride along in a saddle bag (though it begs to be worn). For a little extra coverage and warmth on your two-wheeled commute, unpack this lightweight torso shield and enjoy its Thermore insulation and Pertex water resistant ripstop construction. And also the can’t-miss-me bright blue colorway. $88
Snow-Peak-Mola-Headlamp-Gear-Patrol Snow Peak Mola Headlamp
This headlamp’s lamp is weighted in order to move with your head’s natural up-and-down motions, tracking your eyeline the whole while. It makes for easy scouting in the dark and can be locked in place should you need a steady light. The 45-hour run time gives you 10-110 lumens of brightness and the lamp is water resistant enough to withstand a mild shower. $60
Persol-Film-Noir-Collection-Gear-Patrol Persol Film Noir Collection
Who know Persol glasses could get any more classic? This run of four frames harkens back to a time when everything was in black and white, art deco was mainstream and you kept a snub nose in your hip pocket just like Bogie. Detective, Gangster, Reporter and Femme Fatale — all the major players are present; you simply have to pick which role to play.