Today in Gear: February 11, 2014

Zig-by-Ben-Wahrlich-Gear-Patrol Zig By Ben Wahrlich
Modeled after the hatching done in design drawing, these cabinets are at once minimalistic and dynamic. American Oak doors slide open inside the case, which features a concrete coating that mimics a lunar surface. Because they’re handmade they require weeks to manufacture — but you’re sure to get a unique piece, if you can stand the wait.
Hasselblad-HV-Gear-Patrol Hasselblad HV
This camera is essentially a rebranded and luxed-out Sony Alpha SLT-A99 — originally a $3k shooter — with a 24.3MP sensor, an intense image processing engine, max ISO of 25,600 and the ability to shoot 6 full frames per second. The viewfinder is entirely digital; the camera will record full 1080p video; and a Carl Zeiss lens is included. The body makeover nets a hardy shell and the whole rig will withstand extreme temperatures like Shackleton. $11,500
Club-Monaco-Coaches-Jacket-Gear-Patrol Club Monaco Coaches Jacket
Last we saw, most coaches go for outfits decidedly less flattering than this garb, but if they’re looking to step up their game anytime soon, this is a good place to start. Quilted for a little extra warmth around the fall and spring times, this navy number is some fine sideline style. $190
Jack-Mulligan-Redford-Flask-Gear-Patrol Jack + Mulligan Redford Flask
18 ounces of canvas-covered glory. There’s little else to say about this little trooper. He and his brethren have made lame stuff tolerable for many moons, so pick up an old standby of your own and start tolerating more stuff. $35
Asus-Chromebox-Gear-Patrol Asus Chromebox
Connect a monitor or several to your new Chromebox and instantly cruise The Cloud at the touch of a power button. Miniscule — 16GB — onboard storage is bolstered by additional Google Drive space plus multiple ports like USB 3.0 and 4.0, HDMI and an SD card reader, and users can get online via the gigabit Ethernet or dual-band wi-fi. $179+
Bread-&-Boxers-Gear-Patrol Bread & Boxers
Stop going commando. It doesn’t have to be complicated stuff; it doesn’t have to be fancy. In fact, it could be quite simple, attractive and affordable. In fact, with any of this quite white collection and you’d be doing rather well.
Distant-Shores-Gear-Patrol Distant Shores
Chris Burkard is a photo-shooting surfer who travels the world in search of rad breaks and wild landscapes, putting into perspective we humans’ relationship with the awesomeness of Nature. Interesting book? Interesting book. $40