Today in Gear: February 13, 2014

Escape-Plan-Gear-Patrol Escape Plan Blu-ray
So you didn’t rush to the theater and camp out overnight to be first in line for the latest Arnold/Sly masterpiece. Shame on you. At ANY rate, you can watch — over and over and over — all the high-def glory of this geriatric dynamic duo in the privacy of your own home thanks to this Blu-ray release. $20
Faribault-Mills-Gear-Patrol Faribault Woolen Mills Foot Soldier Blanket
This double cloth blanket has been made in the same fashion for nearly a century now. It’s designed to keep cadets warm in a variety of sleeping conditions and comes in four military-inspired patterns and colorways. $200
Baxter-Ash-Gear-Patrol Baxter of California Ash Candle Series
Candles don’t have to be fresh-cut-grass-scented to be manly, guys. These soy candles are made to mimic beautiful, outdoorsy odors — smoke, wood and something called “sweet ash” — and they last 80 hours. They’ll make your indoors smell like the outdoors and make you feel like more of a man than those Febreze-lovin’ dummies down the hall. $60
Bose-Soundlink-Gear-Patrol Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker III
The three-pound SoundLink is small — just ten inches wide and two deep — and the lithium-ion battery keeps music churning for 14 hours per charge, all via Bluetooth. $300
Passivant-and-Lee-Gear-Patrol Passavant and Lee No. 25 Briefcase
A hardshell briefcase formed of aircraft grade aluminum and wrapped in veg tanned leather. It comes at a price, but then again, it is handmade in New York. $2,850