Beg for mercy, prep mercilessly

Rewind: Bad Weather Gear


What’s that bright thing in the sky? Is that…is that the sun? We’re not done with winter’s worst yet, but a look back at some of our cold-weather pieces should help you fill out your much-needed wintry gear set. Only a few more weeks, folks. We’re almost there.

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hurricane-sandy-gear-patrol Roundup: Hurricane Gear
In case you need a recap on your most basic kit, here’s what we suggest for a 3-7 day self-sufficiency hoard: one gallon of water per person per day, non-perishable food, can opener, first-aid kit, toiletries, meds, phones and cables (don’t be the ass looking for a Lightning cable during a hurricane), flashlight, multitool and knife, solar charger, battery-powered radios, batteries, sleeping bags, blankets, a good book, game or iPad and plenty of cash.
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Winter-Driving-Essentials-Gear-Patrol-Lead Best Winter Driving Products
You welcome winter driving like a root canal without novocaine — it’s just something that you have to deal with, and most of the time it won’t be pretty. Though you can’t control the guy who thinks his 4×4 means he can drive like a jackass, you can at least ready yourself for most situations on the cold, heartless road with some essentials.
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K9-Cool-Winter-Dog-Gear-Gear-Patrol-Lead Best Winter Gear for Dogs
Whether it’s a morning stroll through the local park or a multi-day trek down the Pacific Crest Trail, there are plenty of adventures that we want to share with our four-legged buddies. Winter weather presents challenges, but the right gear makes all the difference.
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best-hard-shells-gear-patrol-lead Best Winter Sports Hardshells
In the age of industrial manufacturing and waterproof fabrics, there’s no good excuse for bad gear. Modern hardshell jackets are designed to provide a first layer of defense between you and the elements, whether “the elements” are an alpine whiteout or an afternoon thunderstorm. They’re the crown jewel of any outdoor kit: they’ll keep you warm, they’ll keep you dry, and most of them weigh less than a pair of blue jeans.
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best-winter-gloves-for-every-sport-gear-patrol-lead Best Winter Gloves for Every Sport
These, the five best winter gloves, will give you free range of motion, excellent grip and reasons to start conversations — all while maintaining a high standard of comfort. Whether you’re into something sporty, stylish, svelte or something else, we’ve found the right fit for you.
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Boots-Lead-Gear-Patrol How to Treat Your Boots Like Royalty
You’ve finally done it — you beat the living shit out of your beautiful new boots. Yes, it was painful at first (the initial scuff caused a minor breakdown), but in the end it felt fulfilling, like the right thing to do. Now your beautiful babies deserve the proper care. It’s time to clean and treat your boots properly. Here’s how.
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