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This Week in Culture: February 14, 2014

Photo by BrightSource Energy, Inc.
This is the Story of Hurricane The story here isn’t that the lead scientist’s name is Omar Hurricane — no, it’s that scientists have overcome a major barrier to nuclear fusion. Though we might not need it, because the world’s largest solar facility just opened in California. Yay, renewables!
Two Russians Get High Here’s one of the few videos of crazy Russians that doesn’t involve bears.
Fly Me to the Moon No, that’s not a map of Westeros. It’s Ganymede, a moon of Jupiter, which might become our future home if it starts to look like Earth won’t survive.
No Longer With Us Shirley Temple passed away this week. Esquire sees her as a case study for how Justin Bieber (and, by extension, Miley Cyrus) should live their lives. Also, new-found inspiration from greats David Foster Wallace and Philip Seymour Hoffman.
Game Over Disappointed by the length of Bioshock 3? What about Portal? This article’s for you. In other gaming news, Nintendo might be on its way out. Who else knew that they started as a playing card manufacturer in the 1800s?
Don’t Fear the Reaper Washington state suspends the death penalty.
La Oss Vinne! For such a small country, how does Norway win so many Olympic medals?
Sinkholes Like Cars, Too A forty foot sinkhole stole eight Corvettes from the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green. Watch the video here.
Less Bucks for Starbucks Damn you, roya! Don’t know what that it? If you value your daily cup of joe, read on.