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Head of the Game: The Best Motorcycle Helmets for Any Rider

Saving more melons than a Sledge-O-Matic thief.

Even before I signed the paperwork for my first motorcycle I had bought three helmets. Each one was unique in graphics, style, and purpose, and I wanted them all. Of course I had no idea what I needed. Not a single one of them fit, and one was completely useless. It earned its DOT certification if I chose to add the sticker that came with my receipt. Thankfully, I never had to test how effective do-it-yourself DOT certification is, but that money was long gone.

The right helmet makes a world of difference in both rider comfort and protection. Upgrading your headwear at least every five years ensures you’re equipped with the latest in technology and safety innovations; just as important, a new bucket instills instant rider confidence, which is essential to focusing and enjoying time spent in the saddle. To keep you from losing your mind when seeking new security for your skull, we’ve searched out the best motorcycle helmets on the market today — the goal is to end up safe and happy, not with a shelf full of shiny garbage.

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