What to See, Read and Hear

This Week in Culture: February 21, 2014

A Wampa cave on Lake Superior.
Big Brothers Who knew frats were so powerful? This reporter, for one, who crashed a Wall Street secret society black tie event. Meanwhile, recent alums are struggling through jobs on Wall Street.
Set, Hut Ever heard of six man football? Us either, until we watched this excellent short on the offense-heavy pigskin offshoot in its heartland: Texas.
Steely Resolve You’ve seen our Guide to Life — now check out Valet’s similar idea (it’s just as great).
A Cinderella Story Breaking down an enigma isn’t easy — which is why this article on the ever-interesting Bill Murray is a great one. While you’re at it, check out how Criterion Collection brings movies back from the dead.
Cheers, Gents A history of the gentleman sounds appealing; even if it didn’t include an excerpt that reads, “I met with Mrs. C-r-t-n-y and to bed with her and rogered her two times.”
Bloody Ukraine Though riots have been going on for months, in recent days things have gotten very ugly in Kiev. Vice covers the public uprising in this short documentary.
Winter Wonderland Now that it’s warming, we can all sit back and laugh about the polar vortex and enjoy its legacies, like this hidden wonder on Lake Superior.
God Dammit Happy Birthday Charles Barkley! Also, Charles Barkley’s golf swing.
What Now? Facebook bought WhatsApp! So ridiculous. What’s WhatsApp, again?
Lost in Admiration There’s no getting around Wes Anderson’s polarizing effect on viewers. Partly to blame is his distinct, consistent visual style. Way Too Indie took a deeper look.