Whoever said the SUV is dead didn’t get the memo. The need to haul people, stuff, and some serious ass is still wholly alive and kicking — and car manufacturers don’t need to be told twice that Americans love to buy oversized. Fortunately big SUVs are better than ever. Gone are the low-rent interiors that used to plague the segment; the sheetmetal that ensconces drivers as they frighten small animals is swoopier and more handsome than ever before. Sure, for the most part mpgs approach the nadir of supercars, but that’s no reason to ignore the SUV’s capacity, comfort and snow-flinging prowess.

It’s no longer enough for a big SUV to transport seven; it has to look good and feel good (for both driver and passengers), while doing it. Our intrepid Octane crew drove five of the best seven-passenger SUVs out there, and what they found was a range of flavors suited for just about everyone. While none of these five SUVs are perfect, each is grand in its own right by virtue of style, quality and utility.

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