Today in Gear: February 24, 2014

Lotus-Moto-Gear-Patrol Lotus C-01
Lotus is (sort of) getting into the superbike game. Germany’s Kodewa Performance Motorcycles is the officially licensed maker behind the stunning C-01, designed by Daniel Simon, whose concepts you’ve seen in movies like Tron Legacy, Oblivion and Captain America. Unlike his previous eye candy, 100 of these crotch rockets will actually be produced, for prices that’ll probably make big movie budgets look cheap.
Jack-Black-Gear-Patrol Jack Black Deep Dive Glycolic Facial Cleanser
Fix the damage winter’s done with Jack Black’s newly formulated cleanser, designed to remove dead skin cells and long-term oil build up. Still need more fire power? Skip the rinse and let the formula act as a purifying mask. $8 (1.5-oz tube)
Braii-Mount-Gear-Patrol Front Runner Spare Tire Mount BBQ Grate
You’re always prepared for the worst, but how about the best? This laser-cut stainless steel grill on solid steel legs stores over any spare tire measuring between 29 to 37 inches and takes up virtually no space. Too bad the same can’t be said for your Porterhouse. $125
Tumi-Bag-Gear-Patrol Cloud 7 for Tumi Pet Accessories
Matching Tumi luggage is just what you need to convince your friends you really don’t spoil your dog. Picking up the travel bed, dog carrier and travel bowl should finally kill the jokes once and for all. Oh, wait — that’s not how the story goes. $95+
Mini-Museum-Gear-Patrol Mini Museum
What if all the famous relics we normally see in natural history museums like dinosaur bones, meteorites and other early fossils were broken up and dispersed into artfully designed, desk-friendly displays? Well then you’d have the Mini Museum, which is currently taking Kickstarter by a storm. Let’s the nerd trophy case wars begin! $79+
Knit-Blazer-Gear-Patrol Everlane Knit Blazer
Basics Master Everlane is introducing a jacket that’s part blazer and part cardigan, and sure to pair nicely with all of your other cool clothes buried under winter coats.