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Rewind: Dive Watches

Briefings : Rewind By Photo by Gishani

Dive watches are more popular than ever, despite most divers choosing not to wear them. Never mind. We’re all for getting our watches wet. Here’s a selection of our favorite dive watches and some adventures we’ve had with them.

dive-watch-deconstructed-gear-patrol The Dive Watch, Deconstructed
Don’t know your helium release valve from your decompression limits? Read on. See More »
best-dive-watches-gear-patrol 7 Best Dive Watches
This one inspired debate, but in our opinion, the ocean’s big enough for a lot of dive watches. Here are seven of our favorites. See More »
7-best-affordable-dive-watches-gear-patrol-lead Best Affordable Dive Watches
Like to go deep but don’t have deep pockets? We offer a selection of divers for under a grand. See More »
bremont-supermarine-2000-gear-patrol Underwater with the Bremont Supermarine 2000
We took a badass British diver to the Bahamas and stared down some sharks. See More »
best-japanese-dive-watch-gear-patrol-lead Japanese Dive Watch Shootout
The Land of the Rising Sun produces some great dive watches. We took three deep to test their mettle. See More »
timekeeping-icon-super-compressor-2-gear-patrol Icon: Super Compressor Dive Watch
Some of the coolest dive watches of all time were the twin-crown Super Compressors of the 1960s. See More »
MkII-Paradive-gear-patrol-lead Time on Our Hands: MKII Paradive
We go on maneuvers with a modern version of a Special Ops dive watch from the 1970s. See More »