This Week in Culture: February 28, 2014

RIP Mr. Ramis
Da Poke Shack The world’s best rated restaurants, according to Yelp. Though we trust Yelp like we trust the Oscars.
An Oral History of Ghostbusters Here. R.I.P, Harold Ramis.
Don’t Answer the Phone “The Jerky Boys…are to prank calling what Steve Jobs and that other guy are to personal computing.” And they’re back.
Meteorite Loves Earth. Also, Planets. The largest lunar impact ever recorded becomes even scarier when you realize that the moon is only 238,900 miles away. That’s like, next door in space miles. In other space news, the Kepler telescope recently discovered 719 new planets, and Lee Hutchinson writes about what it would’ve taken to save Columbia.
Hole Foods We all shop at Whole Foods. Why, again? And just in case you were wondering which foods sold at Walmart would be banned at Whole Foods, Slate has got you covered.
Saccharin Spires This artist built a mock metropolis from 500,000 sugar cubes.
Jurassic Park As anyone who watched a movie in the ’90s knows, bringing back dinosaurs might not be the best idea. But what about the passenger pigeon, or the great auk? Nope, can’t see anything wrong with that.
777-FILM LA residents, here’s a phrase you’ll never hear again: “Hello, and welcome to Moviefone!” For those concerned, the app will continue.
Built to Last Our friends at Valet identify twelve menswear brands that offer in-house repairs.
Score What’s more interesting about this story: the fact that Kareem Abdul-Jabar now writes for Esquire, or his pointed critique of the Oscars?