More beautiful than a Swedish bikini model

Breakdown: Volvo Concept Estate

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Volvo’s clearly saved the best for last. As great as Volvo’s first two concept cars (the Concept Coupe and the Concept XC Coupe) were, it’s the Volvo Concept Estate that’s got us giddy with “build it” fever. About to unveil at the Geneva Motor Show, the Concept Estate is essentially the shooting brake (two-door wagon) version of the Concept Coupe, bettered by the addition of a big rear door. Plus, it appears to be as beautiful under the skin as it is on the outside.

As much as we adore the boxy Volvos of old, the new design direction is a welcomed change that no longer seems stuck between classic and modern. Volvo’s designs are stealing the show just about everywhere, and that’s not the only boon of their three concept studies: at least some of the new interior and exterior elements just might make it to the next XC90 replacement, which is long overdue. Take a look at the breakdown for some of the Concept Estate’s juicy details prior to the Geneva Motor Show.