Today’s affordable tools, cameras, classes and copious creative outlets have brought making a film (one of the best story-telling devices) nearly to the everyman. Still, all those advances can’t change a basic fact: sometimes making a movie means going to where the story is rather than waiting for it to come to you. But paying to check 10 Pelican cases of equipment will essentially eat your entire production budget, not to mention it’s tough to sneak into a location if you have a fleet of boxes and bags. This kit can be carried by one or two people in traditional suitcases — which means you get your shots, no matter where those shots may be.

[Ed. Note: Admittedly, you won’t find any audio equipment in this kit. That’s a whole different world of booms, wireless lavs, recorders, mixers, and more. This kit concentrates on “getting the shot” and making it compelling, intriguing and moving.]

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