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This Week in Culture: March 7, 2014

Briefings By Photo by Andrew Newey
0 Points In a fight to stay relevant, the College Board once again changed the SAT. They’re removing “arcane” words, making the essay optional (read: still not optional), eliminating the guessing penalty, and…oh wait, we graduated. It doesn’t matter. Celebrate testing’s greatest scam by looking at the scores of a few celebrities.
Don’t Call It Mini-Golf For only the third time in over 50 years of league sanctioned play, someone scored a perfect 18 in putt-putt golf. In other niche sports news, check out this piece about Alan Adler, a fascinating man who revolutionized the frisbee and invented the AeroPress.
Stop Bugging Out For those upset about the Polar Vortex, take warmth from that fact that it’s killing some of the worst invasive insect species, which cost the U.S. $2.1 billion in economic losses every year.
Oh Mon Dieu Ignoring every lesson that Jurassic Park taught, a husband and wife research team from France decided to resurrect a giant virus trapped in 30,000-year-old ice.
Great Scott! A hoverboard hoax took over the internet this week and got everyone excited. Shame on you, internet. You’ve just got to know that the technology to create these things won’t exist for at least another year. You’ve just got to know.
You Are What You Eat Well, kind of saw this one coming. Apparently a high-protein diet isn’t good for you. Also not good for you: solitary confinement.
Will Wales Get Included This Time? If Scotland votes to become independent from the United Kingdom, the Union Jack might get a makeover for the first time since 1801. The (potential) new flag looks pretty cool, though not as cool as Bangladesh’s.
Fight! If you’re one of the people thinking please, please, please introduce armor and weapons to combat sports, then you might be in luck. Vice‘s new MMA site, Fightland, has the story. If you’re into a different kind of fighting, check out The Morning News’s Tournament of Books, which kicked off on Thursday with The Luminaries taking on underdog Hill William.
Memorial Sørbråten A competition jury unanimously elected Swedish architect Jonas Dahlberg to design the memorial to the 77 victims of 2011’s Oslo Bombing and Utøya massacre. Check out the winning design here.
Cowardly Apiarists Need Not Apply Twice per year, Nepalese honey hunters gather a crop from the world’s largest honeybee. You’ve got to see it to believe it.