Today in Gear: March 10, 2014

mango-pickle-hot-sauce Bhut Pepper: Mango Pickle Hot Sauce
Last year, one of our writers was literally crying from the pepper candies these guys produce, which was somewhat acceptable, considering they’re the hottest in the world. This milder, more eatable hot sauce combines fatalii peppers, sweet pickle relish and mango to deliver something that won’t burn your tongue off mid taco. $7
jcrew-fishtail-parka-gear-patrol J.Crew Cotton Fishtail Parka
The U.S. military issues fishtail parkas for cold-weather expeditions, which we call commuting to work this winter. This hooded cotton parka is lighter than the military prototype and machine washable. $248
core-coffee-press-gear-patrol Museum of Modern Art Chicago: Core Coffee Press
Baristas often use a french press, in place of a paper filter drip, to distinguish between subtle coffee bean varieties. This press features an extremely useful (and stylish) heat resistant cover to protect your hand from the scalding brew. $29
nike-tech-crew-mens-sweatshirt-gear-patrol Nike Tech Crew Men’s Sweatshirt
Having ditched suffocatingly thick cotton lining and college lettering in favor of brushed fleece and flat seams, these sweatshirts are streamlined, versatile and good for jump starting your spring training. $85
up-coffee-app-gear-patrol Up Coffee App
Unlike other dependencies, coffee addiction is socially acceptable, and, at least here at GP headquarters, greatly encouraged. This personalized app for iOS helps manage your habit by tracking caffeine intake and sleep habits to determine your “Caffeine Persona” — helping you stay up during the day, but not all night. Free
bookers-25th-anniversary-bourbon-gear-patrol 25th Anniversary Limited Release Booker’s Bourbon
The oldest, most unique Booker’s Bourbon is hitting shelves early this month to mark the company’s 25th anniversary. Aged 9-11 years, with a sinus-clearing proof of 121-130, this bottle comes straight from the center-cut of Booker’s favorite rack house. $100 for 750ml