This Week in Culture: March 14, 2014

Untucked Dani Pudi (Community, Road Trip 2: Beer Pong) directed a fantastic 30 for 30 short for ESPN about Marquette University’s reign as style (and actual) champions of late-70s college basketball. The 1977 team is pictured above in all their glory.
History in the Making Could a really old rock yield evidence that Earth holds a secret reservoir of water 250 miles below our feet? And could nine previously unopened Dead Sea Scrolls reveal information about practices of the Second Temple of Jerusalem? The answer to both questions, it seems, is yes.
In Space This website will help you conceptualize exactly how much space is in space. But…what’s in between the space? Mind. Blown.
Meanwhile, On Earth… Rashard Mendenhall just retired from the NFL. He’s 26. He explains why here.
Amazon Not-So-Prime Amazon just increased their annual Prime subscription to $99. We’re still going to pay.
Etymology Do you know where the word goodbye comes from? Hint — it’s a contraction of “God be with you”. What about adder, apron, wasp or thunder? The explanation might surprise you.
Between Two Ferns, White House Edition Oh, really? All your Facebook friends are also talking about President Obama on “Between Two Ferns”? And here we thought we were the only one. In case you wanted to see how it came about, check out this link here.
Robot Party This bot will help you find board games to play. And this one may or may not write poetry. The poetry bot’s function comes awfully close to mimicking a game we made up called “T.S. Eliot or String of Random Words”, in which you read something in this voice, and then make a friend guess whether it was from a T.S. Eliot poem or was just a string of random words. The whole thing just goes to further our fear that one day robots will rule the world.
Hunting, I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down You know that one friend who says he’ll only eat meat if he kills and dresses it himself? Toss him this piece by Rosecrans Baldwin, founder of The Morning News.
Hacking the System Imagine never hitting a red light ever again. Audi is trying to make that dream a reality. Until then, here are some more practical tools, like instructions on how to get rid of telemarketers and a rundown of the best new add-ons for Google Drive.
(Probably) The Last GP AMA Post Ever Every week, new and fantastic interviews appear on Reddit’s Ask Me Anything Page. And every week (or rather, every other week), we link to some of the best. We’re tired. From now on, we’ll just link to Interviewly, which gathers the best bits of the best ones so we don’t have to.