Today in Gear: March 19, 2014

Brooks-Tension-Tent-Gear-Patrol Brooks-Range Mountaineering Equipment Co. Tension Tents
This new line of backpacking tents use only a single carbon pole and two crossing poles for headroom. Tension does the rest to keep the lightweight shelter upright even in extreme weather conditions. The trick? A internal cord system that attaches to the skimpy skeleton. $420+
Mousepad-Trivet-Gear-Patrol Love Dart Leather Goods
Independent designer Sonia Scarr designs and hand-stitches leather goods and accessories that we want in our own homes — particularly the mousepad trivet and small utility basket. If her style seems familiar, it’s because she also produces the leather and textiles for our friends at Allied Maker.
Coke-Glass-Gear-Patrol Riedel “O” Coca-Cola Glass
Your pretentious glass collection can now welcome a new member to the family. Riedel’s design is inspired by the curves of the classic cola bottle and “made to enhance the drink experience” (sure), based on research conducted with “a tasting panel of industry experts and Coca-Cola lovers”. Apparently it’s time to start taking your Coke habit seriously. $30 (set of 2)
Khnu-Yak-Cardi-Gear-Patrol Khunu Killy Cardigan
Khunu likes to yack about the benefits of yak wool, which they source from the Himalayas — probably near the charred remains of the League of Shadows’ chalet. The Killy, named after the iconic and stylish French skier Jean-Claude Killy, is their take on the shall cardigan and boasts signature elbow patches to make you stand out from the rest of the professorial pack. $250
Beer-Jelly-Belly-Gear-Patrol Draft Beer Flavored Jelly Bellies
Who says the party has to stop? The bean barons at Jelly Belly now offer a “draft beer flavor” (since it all tastes the same). Of course it’s without the alcohol. (Note to self: high-gravity jelly beans.) Make sure you properly appreciate the “jewel-like” finish as you race your co-worker to the bottom of the bag. $20
Moto-360-Gear-Patrol Google Android Wear
The tech messiahs of Mountain View have finally unveiled their plot to introduce Android to the nascent wearable category. Android Wear is initially targeting smart watches and looks like it will first appear on enticing devices like LG’s recently announced G Watch or the more traditional looking Moto 360. Early signs indicate the OS will dominate operate much like the Google Now experience available today on smartphones. Check out this video to get a better sense of how it’ll improve the lives of urban hipsters everywhere. Expect it to start gracing wrists sometime this summer.