This Week in Culture: March 21, 2014

Briefings By Photo by Ahmad Masood/Reuters
Revelers Celebrate the Hindu Festival of Holi.
Sweet Irony Louis C.K. eats his words in what might be one of the most clever videos to hit the internet this week. Watch until the end.
Hi-Ho Silver! How likely is your team to win the NCAA Championship? Nate Silver’s new site FiveThirtyEight breaks down the percentages. And if you placed a bet, you might want to check out this piece on bookies.
What a Week for Science “A potential hitch in the presumed course of cosmic evolution could have infused space itself with a special energy that exerted a repulsive force, causing the universe to swell faster than the speed of light for a prodigiously violent instant.” If that got you amped, click here. What it means, see, is that there’s now a whole lot more evidence for the Big Bang. In this video, the scientist that created the theory learns of more conclusive evidence that it’s true. And if you’ve read this far, you’re probably interested in National Geographic‘s profile of Carl Sagan. AND DEAR GOD, WAVES ON TITAN?
Captain Phillips, Part II Not sure we’re getting the whole story here, but apparently U.S. navy Seals helped capture an oil tanker seized by Libyan rebels.
More Red Wedding Game of Thrones fans, rejoice: George R.R. Martin has outlined a plan for how the HBO show can slow down to let him finish the series (spoiler alert — it involves more seasons).
Sweatpants, Vindicated According to research from the Harvard Business School, willing non-conformity to social norms can elevate status. We knew there was a reason we still played with Pogs.
Your Move, Xbox Gaming takes a giant leap forward as Sony announces Project Morpheus, a sleek virtual reality headset for the PS4. In other gaming news, a trailer for Wolfenstein: The New Order dropped this week. It. Looks. Awesome.
What Did Yours Say? Enter the Twitter time capsule and relive the embarrassment of your first tweet.
Eye See Apparently, cats see red apples as green, and bees see flowers as infinitely cooler than we do. And rattlesnakes sense infrared light. Whoa. If you can still handle additional sensory stimulation, check out these pictures from the Hindu festival of Holi.
The Art Heist How a billion dollars worth of stolen art was found in a Munich apartment.
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